Marketing researches

The success of the company depends on how fully its products or services can meet the basic needs of customers. To determine the effective marketing strategy and tactics of working in the market you need the most reliable, objective, complete and relevant data regarding the development of the market in general and consumer behaviour in particular.

The results of marketing research allow potential and actual market players to consider possible directions for development and choose the most promising and optimal areas on the market. Basically, researches are conducted to determine the potential niche for entering new markets and/or diversifying products to existing ones, when conducting rebranding, to improve the effectiveness of pricing policies, tools and directions for product promotion, sales policies and development of methods to stimulate sales. 

Pro-Consulting, together with our partners, offers the following services in the field of marketing research.



Creation of information basis for definition of the most effective ways to conduct a competitive policy in the markets and possibilities to enter the new markets.

Market structure, its capacity, dynamics, major operators, competitive situation, barriers, opportunities and risks are investigated. 

(Market structure analysis, market shares determination, foreign trade analysis, production output and product sales analysis, customer preferences, sales channels, etc.)


Segmentation of customers, selection of target market segments, making of customer portrait based on the analysis of age and gender, social and other actual parameters, as well as the study of behavioural characteristics.

Motivation of consumer behaviour in the market and the factors determining it are considered to be the subject of research. The structure of consumption, the trends of buyers’ demand, and the level of satisfaction of buyers’ needs in a separate product/good are studied and investigated.

In addition, customers’ analysis allows you to explore, as far as possible, how are they knowledgeable about your product and how do they perceive it and what is the current and potential level of brand loyalty. 



(Determination of target audience, potential demand and satisfaction of consumption)

(Motivation of consumer behaviour)

(consumer interviews, database actualization, NPS interviews)

In 2018 Pro-Consulting opened its own call center to conduct marketing researches and provide the other services (Mystery Calling, database actualization, competitor’s price requests, etc.). Advantages of CATI, Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing, include its speed, the possibility to cover large geography of respondents, capacity to control the interview records, interview results tracking in real time, and low costs of works.


Focus group research is the best format of consumer analysis when the new product should be launched on the market, when there is a need to study in deep the reasons of product and service selection by the consumers, to understand the attitude to logo, slogan and packing, and to apply the knowledge received at the stage of strategy development and implementation. Depending on the research goal and objectives, FGR may be held in on-line or off-line mode.


Selection of ways and options to get the most profitable position on the market to compare with competitors.

Competitors’ strengths and weaknesses are analyzed, market share held by them at different time is examined, competitive situation is assessed, selection of the best marketing policy to achieve maximum competitiveness to compare with other companies is considered (brand portfolio, product promotion strategy, advertising and marketing activities), consumers’ response to the marketing tools of competitors is examined (product improvement, price changes, new brand launching on the market, development of services).

The product range is developed according to the customer demands, improvement of product competitiveness, etc. Analysis of product specifications and quality, its conformity to the customer needs and demands, of product competitiveness is performed. Consumer qualities of similar products and competing products are identified, consumer response to the new products, modification of product range and packing is determined, service level is studied, and perspective consumer demands are evaluated.


Marketing audit of competitors is the basis for preparation of advertising campaign, formation of unique product offer and positioning on the market. Analysis of marketing activities includes examination of advertising materials of key competitors, their graphic and video content, formation of initial hypotheses concerning the possible positioning and promotion of your brand on the market.

(analytics for franchise purchase, analytics for franchising chain development, advice on franchise creation and development)

Franchise analysis on the market may be performed for the businessman intending to buy a franchise, or for the chain which is ready to develop basing on franchising model. In the first case existing franchises, their terms and conditions, the force of certain brand are researched, target market and potential locations for placement of your points of sale are analyzed.

For existing operator the analysis should be more complex: it includes detailed analysis of competitors, interviews with their franchisees and prospects to enter the market basing on franchising model.

The experts of Pro-Consulting will prepare exclusive marketing research especially for you, taking in consideration all your needs and demands. We have an experience in analytical and marketing researches of 200 different market segments in Ukraine and abroad (Russia, CIS states, EU states, USA). Just contact us, and your order will be performed quickly and with superior quality.  Customer’s References.


Analysis of product range, prices, distribution channels, advertising tools in retail points of sale is performed for the studied product category.

Monitoring of prices, product range, level of presence in the points of sale in volatile market situation, and taking in consideration activities of competitors.

Development of recommendations for planning of price policy for the brand, product line.

RETAIL AUDIT (read more)
(comparative information describing what happens with products in retail chain (pricing policy, competitors’ marketing activities, representation of product category examined)


Mass media monitoring, research of efficiency of publications in mass media, TV and radio reels in general, and with focus on the certain advertising types, impact of advertising on consumer behavior. 

Sales promotion provides for research of efficiency of events, discounts, PR campaigns and other marketing communications.

This service includes analysis of information related to the trends in this sector, competitors’ activities, public policy in economic area, namely, in the development of business environment. 


Omnibus research is a possibility of complex research for several market operators. Pro-Consulting consolidates all tasks and objectives to be achieved in process of research, and conducts one comprehensive research in your preferred format, which may be the office study, interview, focus group research of collection of data from participants of the research. It makes possible to optimize your marketing costs and to get the wide range of information which is interesting for you.

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