Retail chains entering analysis and strategy

In addition to entering the new export markets, Pro-Consulting together with TU TI Trade Company is ready to provide consulting support at the stage of entering or expansion of presence on Ukrainian retail market. 

These services will be valuable for importers and foreign manufacturers who plan to launch their products on Ukrainian market.

Besides, our advisers will assist in expansion of presence of Ukrainian business on internal retail market.

Service package in this area includes the following:

  • Analytical research of your market. Confirmation of promising potential for entering the market, determination of the most suitable commercial chains for entering the market.
  • Consulting in area of product adaptation to Ukrainian market (description on the packing, bar code assignment, certification).
  • Negotiations with retailers (retail chains, petrol filling stations):
    1. Contractual part: delivery terms, payment terms, bonuses, logistics, etc.;
    2. Product placement on the shelf, product matrix;
    3. Sales analysis and potential product rotation, planning and conduction of actions and other marketing activities.
  • Support in document exchange: specifications, listing, logistical data, primary documents, statements of verification, tax invoices, etc.
  • Partner selection (carriers, operators of warehouse facilities, etc.) to support transactions in Ukraine.
  • Calculation of profitability, net profit, turnover, etc.;
  • Support in analytics and consulting to analyze company’s position on the market.

You may profit from the whole package of services or customized services. Advisers of our company are ready to select customized services for you - contacts.

As a result, you’ll get support and the most efficient way for your product to enter Ukrainian retail market.

To order market analysis or another services, or to purchase a published project, please contact us via or +38 (044) 233-34-32

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