EBRD Business Support Program

EBRD Business Advisory Services program (BAS, Business Advisory Services Program) provides an opportunity to receive compensation for consulting services (up to 50%).

The program has been operating in the country since 2010. The primary objective is to help develop small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine. The EBRD program encourages these companies to use the services of the largest consulting companies in Ukraine to improve performance of business management and implement various strategic and marketing development tasks.

Pro–Consulting justified its qualification in accordance with the requirements of the EBRD program in markets analysis, research of marketing activities, planning of companies’ development and preparation of feasibility studies.

Thus, ordering preparation of analytical materials from our company, you will get not only a quality analytical product, but also an opportunity partially to return the costs for consulting support. EBRD Business Advisory Services program can provide subsidies ranging up to 50% of the price of consulting services, but its amount will not exceed the amount of 10 thousand Euro.

Small businesses must meet the following criteria in order to participate in the Program:
• work on the market for 2 years or more;
• have an annual turnover of no more than 50 million Euro;
• number of employees should not exceed 250 people;
• the largest stake in the company should belong to Ukrainian owners;
• primary request for services to a consulting company from Ukraine.

EBRD program supports the following Projects in consulting:

• Implementation of the concept of quality management and certification;
• Application of energy-saving technologies, energy audit;
• Market research and marketing planning;
• Business planning, development of investment proposals, feasibility studies and other investment documentation;
• Transformation and restructuring of business;
• Search for partners for business and investors;
• Automation and improvement of managerial, accounting, production processes, personnel management and other business processes of a company;
• Engineering studies, preparation of project documents.


To order market analysis or another services, or to purchase a published project, please contact us via
 info@pro-consulting.ua or +38 (044) 233-34-32

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