Market Research for Law Firms

Analytic research to provide background for the level of competition on the market.

Market competition level becomes the subject of research in the following cases:

  • Preparation of background in process of investigations of Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine connected with the threat of monopolistic company position on the market;
  • Merges or acquisitions on the market;
  • Investigations of Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine concerning price growth on the product and service markets for the purpose to recognize them as unfounded.

Market researches are performed in accordance with p. 5 of Methods to determine monopolistic (dominating) position of commercial entities on the product and service markets, approved according to the instruction of Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine dd. 05.03.2002 No. 49-p.

Background for prices in transactions on the market according to the applicable laws in area of transfer prices.

Such analytics ensures tracking of prices in transactions with related companies and legal entities registered in offshore areas. It is used to confirm that transaction price is on the level of market prices for the similar products (or it is lower for not more than 20%) in order to avoid penalties provided for in the Tax Code of Ukraine.

Marketing researches of recognition of product brands, product decoration and packing.

Researches of this type are performed to assess the risk that consumers may confuse the products of legal entities on the shelves, which may result in negative consequences in form of decrease of sales volumes of original product brand holder and damage to its reputation on the market in case of purchase by consumers of the products of inappropriate quality.

Creation of analytical reports for preparation of strategic documents to be submitted to the controlling authorities.

Such documents may include:

  • Development of corporate program documents and commercial policies which require legal and analytical support;
  • Development of strategy of asset management companies, and changes in their management.

As a rule, these researches include detailed analytics concerning the market on which the company operates, market operators and competition level, actual and potential customers, and forecasts of development of the certain direction in order to substantiate reasonability of this strategy.

Providing these services, Pro-Consulting has performed several projects in cooperation with the largest Law Firms of Ukraine, was present at the sessions of Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, and prepared official documents for Ukrainian anti-corruption authorities.

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