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 Pro-Consulting offers you development of an investment proposal for potential investors in Ukraine and abroad. An investment proposal prepared by experienced professionals of Pro-Consulting is the first step to successful communication with an investor and a platform for further mutually beneficial cooperation.

If you aim at programs of state support for your business, we will prepare an investment proposal in a form that fully meets the recommendations of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.

If your goal is to attract investments and increase capitalization of the business, we will develop an appropriate form for the future project, taking into account all the features and characteristics of your business.

Investment proposal is an investment document, which has to present the business idea or business to investors as efficiently as possible in order to attract capital.

Investment proposal contains key information about the business project, i.e. a brief description and characteristics of the project, an assessment of possible profitability and return on investment.

Investment proposal is the first step in formation of an investor's interest and providing key information on the planned project.


  • brief presentation of information;
  • short terms of preparation.

Generalized structure of an investment proposal:

  • Substance of the proposal
  • Project Summary
  • Information about the company initiating the project *
  • Project concept
  • Organizational and production process
  • Characteristics of the market environment
  • Economic justification for profitability and break-even

* For operating business

Preparation of a quality investment proposal is a key step on the way to attracting an investor to your project. Start your way to success together with professionals of Pro-Consulting.

You can see the portfolio of prepared investment projects below:

  1. Commercial and residential real estate;
  2. Production sphere;
  3. Food industry;
  4. Agribusiness and agriculture;
  5. Trade sector;
  6. Sector of services.



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