Market Analysis in Crisis

The 2020 crisis has already affected all sectors of the economy and many companies are forced to rebuild their marketing and communication strategies in order not only to stay afloat, but also to use the crisis as an opportunity for growth - to analyze the situation and develop a strategy to work in the new economic environment.

The crisis affects each industry in a different way: some areas have suffered more, some less. Some companies have closed, while others, on the contrary, are developing even more rapidly due to increased demand for certain goods and services. But for all companies only one thing is clear: it will not be the same as before.

Pro-Consulting has adapted the standard research structure to the specifics of the current situation and offers two new products for market analysis during a crisis.

Their features:

  • Absence of retrospective analysis: we only focus on market changes in the first quarter of 2020.
  • Short-term market development forecast for the after-quarantine period
  • Analysis of the current activity of competitors, search for strengths and weaknesses in their behavior since the beginning of quarantine
  • Point recommendations

We offer two options of your market research in times of crisis. The first option is an express market analysis to form an anti-crisis plan. A brief research of key changes in the market, focusing on the analysis of competitor activity and modeling consumer behavior. The product is intended for small and medium-sized businesses and allows you to form an analytical platform for building a strategy

The structure of express market analysis

1 Analysis of trends in the development of a direction in crisis (trends in supply-demand changes, taking into account trade restrictions and a decrease in household income)

2 Forecast of market capacity changes in% - only an assessment of market growth / decline in the research period to understand the dynamics of product sales based on factors of influence in the market

  • During quarantine
  • 3 months after quarantine
  • 6 months after quarantine

3 Changes in the activities of the major market operators (up to TOP-10) - content analysis of the company's websites and social networks, as well as news and reviews about the company and the product:

  • promotions
  • discounts
  • creative solutions in promotion

4 Changes in consumer behavior

  • change in the structure of expenses
  • change in attitude to the product / service

5 Conclusions and recommendations

  • forecast market development trends (analytical report)
  • point recommendations for development during and after quarantine

Terms, working days: 3-5

Cost, UAH: 15000-20000

The final cost and terms will be formed after determining the market

The second option is an in-depth analysis of your industry and of your competitors. Each company is forced to adapt to the new economy realities, regardless of the field of activity, both during quarantine and after it. To do this, it is necessary to figure out what new trends in the market have already been formed, what competitors are doing in order to maintain their share and revenue in the market, how sales channels change and suppliers of raw materials are redistributed, how to keep current customers and acquire new ones, whether it is necessary to bring them to the market a new proxy product / service for the period of economic recovery or is it still worth focusing on the development and improvement of the current goods / services portfolio.

In order to make a rational and promising strategic decision for the further development of your company, Pro-Consulting has prepared a new product for you, which is primarily intended for medium and large businesses.

After this research, the marketing strategist (who has practical experience in the implementing anti-crisis solutions in 2008-2009 and 2014-2015) will provide recommendations on the adaptation and development of your company during the quarantine and in new conditions after it.

In-depth market research structure

  1. Market development trends analysis since the beginning of 2020 till now (changes in the market, the impact of quarantine)
  2. Products / services sales analysis of TOP-3 competing companies for 1 quarter 2020:
  • major suppliers of raw materials
  • distribution channels, buyers
  • sales structure by types of goods / services
  • dynamics of the average cost of goods / services for 1 quarter 2020, monthly.
  1. Changes in the major companies’ activities in the market since beginning of 2020 till current day:
  • promotions
  • discounts
  • creative solutions in promotion
  • reorientation to other products / services, change of distribution channels
  1. Analysis of foreign economic activity in the researched market for 1 quarter 2020:

4.1. Researched products imports (dynamics of volumes, structure by types, imports geography by countries, major importers and their shares, major TMs and their shares) for 1 quarter 2020, monthly

4.2. Researched products export (volume dynamics, structure by types, imports geography by countries, major exporters and their shares, major TMs and their shares) for 1 quarter 2020, monthly

  1. Consumption in the B2G sector: government tender procurements analysis of research products (major buyers and sellers, their shares) for 1 quarter 2020, monthly
  2. Dynamics of production average cost changes for 1 quarter 2020, monthly (according to import data, government tenders, Ministry of Finance)
  3. Changes in consumer behavior for 1 quarter 2020

7.1. Changes in the structure of the major expenses categories and the concern for the product / service

7.2. Online consumption change: monthly demand dynamics by search queries (based on Google AdWords data)

  1. Conclusions and market development trends forecast for 2020
  2. Recommendations by a marketing strategist on adaptation and development of your company during and after quarantine. Constructing hypotheses up to 3 variants of possible indirect USP (unique selling proposition). These can be both new sales channels and changes in the product / service itself (without deep study). The data provided is based on the carried out research and the information received from your previously completed brief.

Terms, working days: 10-14

Cost, UAH: 35000-45000

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