Development of an investment teaser

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The process to attract investment for the project is rather long and requires much effort. Your ability to interest a potential investor, convince him in long-term benefits of a chosen direction and to continue working with you, play the major role. Preparation of Teaser, an investment document that can attract an investor to your project, is an integral part of this process.

Teaser is a summary of the project, which briefly outlines the business idea, discloses financial forecasts for profits, and justifies profitability and investment attractiveness of your project.

Pro-Consulting offers development of Teaser of your investment project, which will allow you to interest an investor, as well as will provide brief information on the project initiated by you.

Based on our experience, we offer the following Teaser structure:

  1. Profile of a company, initiating the project.
  2. The required amount of investment. Areas of its use.
  3. Factors of investment attractiveness.
  4. The main activities of a company and their characteristics. Financial results of a company.
  5. Description of production capacity of a company.
  6. Market environment.
  7. Company's strategy.
  8. Forecast of financial indicators.

The proposed structure can be modified according to the specifics of a proposed project, your requirements, or ones of a potential investor.


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