Qualitative research

Qualitative market research helps to identify the consumer’s motives (sometimes hidden), consumer’s settings and expectations in process of product selection and purchase. The nature of such research reports cannot be standard, they are performed at the stage of client’s orientation in market environment, for the purpose to propose hypotheses and clarify the “pain” of potential customers.

The received information allows to develop well-grounded hypotheses concerning particularities of consumer’s behavior on the market, its procedural characteristics and casual correlation.

The tasks resolved basing on qualitative research: 

  • Research of consumer’s opinion for the purpose to improve the current products and to develop the new products, to increase advertising campaign efficiency;
  • Research of company and brand image from the point of view of the customers (learn more about NPS Survey);
  • Analysis of product packing, logos, advertising slogans;
  • Assessment of service quality level in the points of sales and chains;
  • Research of expert opinion in this sector.

The advantage of qualitative market research method is the possibility to analyze the consumer’s behavior and motivation not only basing on conscious verbal responses of the respondents, but due to examination of unconscious components of consumer’s behavior as well. Special techniques and projective methods are used for that.

The methods of qualitative research:

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