Competitor analysis

The development of the concept of conducting a marketing research in this area involves the implementation of such stages of ;analysis of competitors' activities:  

- Identify the main competitors.

- Identify the main parameters of competition.

- Research of the price and product offer of competitors.

- Studying sales channels.

- Studying the portfolio of brands.

- Studying promotion strategies.

- Research of advertising and marketing activity.

The main elements of competitive analysis are: 

  • Product – determining the prerequisites, opportunities and specifics of entering the market of the updated (new) product of competing companies; The analysis of the nomenclature of their production and its main characteristics, the set of trade marks of the product portfolio; Study of various solutions of the competitor (in particular, on packaging, packaging in design, material, etc.) within the individual stages of the product life cycle.
  • Price – the coverage of the principles of competing pricing strategies and the choice of pricing methods, detailed price analysis and study of price programs, evaluation of the level of profitability, the allocation of price segments and the evaluation of part of each of them in the total volume of sales.
  • Communication– analysis of the system of market communications of competitors in the areas of attracting high-performance labor, activation of raw materials and marketing of finished products, sales, advertising, PR, etc .; Identification of marketing strategies, programs, ideas, evaluation of their effectiveness. 
  • Sales – identify the marketing strategy of a competitor, analyze the basics of marketing policies and tools for its implementation, study the distribution channels of products, management tools, as well as assess their level of effectiveness. The competitive analysis provides for the study of the competitor's logistics scheme, the complex of their relations with the external sales network and consumers, the analysis of pre- and after-sales services, the evaluation of the number of products sold by competitors, and the quality of service.

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