Analytical market research


In this section, we present you the analytical product - the exclusive market research that includes detailed, structured information about the market, based on the maximum information saturation and deep processing of statistical and analytical data.

 Since 2005, we are the authorized and permanent member of the Ukrainian Marketing Association. For more than 14 years of work, the analysts of the company have prepared over 1200 analytical and marketing research in various market areas.


While conducting market analyses we investigate the following aspects:

1. Market situation overview
1.1. Market description
1.2. Market trends analysis
1.3. General market indicators, market size calculation
1.4. Market segmentation and structuring
1.5. Raw materials, production technology
2. Government regulation of industry
2.1. The main laws governing the industry (a list, a brief summary and specific features of laws)
2.2. Taxes and fees on the market (general taxation of business, import and export duties, plans for their change (if any))
2.3. Features of public procurement (general principles and conditions of holding)
3. Dynamics of production and sales
3.1. The volume of production and sales in physical terms
3.2. The volume of production and sales in value terms
4. Major market operators
4.1. A list of major operators with description
4.2. Operators structuring (by segments, groups, specializations, regions)
4.3. Major operators' market shares
4.4. Competition and risks
4.4.1. Factor analysis of market shares of competitors
5. Sales
5.1. Sales by major competitors*
5.2. Competitors` sales by products*
5.3. Products and raw material consumption by market players*
6. Foreign Trade
6.1. Exports (volume, structure, prices, geography of supplies by countries)
6.2. Imports (volume, structure, prices, geography of supplies by countries)
7. Price and market pricing
7.1. Dynamics of prices for products
7.2. Description of factors which have an impact on the price and its structure
7.3. Cost of production, profitability
8. Consumption of goods (services) at the market
8.1. Consumers' benefits, consumer portrait, online analysis of consumers
8.2. Analysis of Internet audience in the industry
8.3. Consumption in the B2G sector. Analysis of state tender purchases (volumes, structure by regions, organizers and participants)
8.4. Consumption structuring and segmentation
8.5. Product (service) demand
8.6. The degree of consumer satisfaction
9. Sales and distribution channels
10. The products range at the market
11. Conclusions. Forecasts
11.1. Conclusions and forecasts of market development
11.2. Construction of market development hypotheses. Projected market development indicators
11.3. Recommendations for the development on the market
12. Investment attractiveness of the industry
12.1. SWOT-analysis of the market
12.2. PEST-analysis of the market factors
12.3. Existing risks and obstacles in entering the market
12.3.1. Risk map of the market

Information is given in dynamics of 3-5 years with a forecast for 2-3 years. The analysis is prepared by the specialists at the Analytical department of the Pro-Consulting company according to the structure approved by the customer beforehend.

In preparation of the market analysis such primary, and secondary information is used: 
    • data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, 
    • data of the Custom Service (FEA bases), 
    • data of ministries and associations, 
    • data of the market operators,
    • information resources of the company (internal database) and its partners, banks, 
    • data of the specialized information sources and media,
    • data of internet analysis of consumers,
    • expert and goods (services) consumer survey data.

Cost of analytical market research is defined individually in accordance with the following factors:

  • Business domain
    (sector, industry, market segment)
  • Research methods
    (desk and field research)
  • Research terms
    (time in which you want to obtain the result)
  • Theme and depth of the study
    (subject, goals, tasks, final results of research)
  • Geography of the research
    (regions, cities), Russia, CIS, Europe)

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