Analytical market research

This section is dedicated to the presentation of Exclusive Market Research, the analytical product prepared by experts of Pro-Consulting Analytical Department in accordance with your wishes and international standards of market researches (ESOMAR).

Since 2005 our company has been a permanent full-fledge member of Ukrainian Marketing Association. During more than 18 years of work the experts of our company prepared over 2000 analytical reports and marketing researches of different market segments.

Experience of our company covers market researches done for the new operators and the companies with long experience on the market which need the objective market presentation and assessment of their real market share.

Market research plan and information presented basing on the results of analytical market research depend on your goal and objectives.

New operator:

  • Analysis of sector attractiveness for investments;
  • Analysis of positions and competitive advantages of market operators;
  • Possible share on the market;
  • Long-term market development forecast;
  • Regions for business and product export prospects.

Existing operator:

  • Analysis of company’s position on the market and dynamics;
  • Analysis of changes in activities of competitors;
  • Changes in consumer behavior;
  • Changes in distribution channels;
  • New factors of impact on the market;
  • Market risk research.

Analytical market research contains detailed and structured information based on detailed analysis of statistic and analytical data.

Typical structure of market research is given below.

1. General Market Description
1.1. Market specification
1.2. Analysis of market development trends
1.3. General market parameters, calculation of market capacity
1.4. Market segmentation and structuring – research of the market structure
1.5. Availability of raw materials, production technology
2. State Regulation in the Sector
2.1. Main laws applicable to the sector (list, short summary and particularities of the laws)
2.2. Taxes and fees on the market (general tax burden on the business, import and export fees, planned changes (if exist))
2.3. Particularities of public procurement procedure (general principles, bidding terms and conditions)
3. Production and Dynamics of Sales
3.1. Production and sales volumes in unit sales
3.2. Production and sales volumes in money terms
3.3. Dynamics of growth of product and service production and sales
4. Main Market Operators
4.1. List of main market operators and their description
4.2. Structuring of operators (with distribution by segments, groups, specialization, and regions)
4.3. Market shares of main market operators
4.4. Degree of competition and risks
4.4.1. Factor analysis of market shares of competitors
5. Sales Volume on the Market
5.1. Sales volume with distribution by operators/competitors*
5.2. Sales volume with distribution by product types*
5.3. Volumes of product consumption by operators*
6. Foreign Trade
6.1. Export (volumes, structure, prices, geography of supplies distributed by the states)
6.2. Import (volumes, structure, prices, geography of supplies distributed by the states)
7. Price and Pricing on the Market
7.1. Product price dynamics
7.2. Specification and structure of factors of influence on price formation
7.3. Product prime costs and profitability
8. Consumers and Preferences (Including On-line)
8.1. Consumer preferences related to the products, consumer profile
8.2. Analysis of Internet audience in the sector
8.3. Consumption in B2G sector. Analysis of public bids and procurements (volume, structure with distribution by regions, organizers and bidders)
8.4. Consumption structuring and segmentation
8.5. Demand for product/service
8.6. Degree of consumers’ satisfaction
9. Product Distribution Channels (Specification and Structure of Sales Distributed by Channels)
10. Range of Products Offered on the Market
11. Conclusions. Forecasted Parameters
11.1. Conclusions and forecasted market development trends
11.2. Preparation of market development hypotheses. Forecasted parameters of market development
11.3. Recommendations for market development
12. Investment Attractiveness of the Sector
12.1. SWOT analysis of market sector
12.2. PEST analysis of factors of influence on the market
12.3. Existing risks and barriers to enter the market
12.3.1. Market risk mapping.

Market analysis provides for examination of market in general, within the framework of this structure, or investigation of individual market factors to clarify the elements of analytical data which you need. Our advisers will help you to determine the format, terms and conditions of examination of individual market factors.

In addition to the detailed research, you may also order any of research summary formats (market descriptor in form of presentation of main statistic data and trends, or analytical opinion on the market with basic analytics which is sufficient for initial understanding of prospects on this market).

Information is presented as dynamics during 3-5 years and market development forecast for 2-3 years (basic, optimistic and pessimistic scenario). Market research and analysis are prepared by experts of Pro-Consulting Analytical Department according to the structure preliminary agreed by the customer.

Market research is performed basing on analysis of primary collected and secondary information, including:

  • Data of State Statistics Service;
  • Data of Customs Service;
  • Data received from ministries and associations in this sector;
  • Data of market operators;
  • Information resources of our company (internal database) and its partners;
  • Data received from specialized information resources and mass media;
  • Information collected during inquiries of product/service consumers. Inquiries made earlier may be used, and Pro-Consulting may perform inquiry basing on our own call center;
  • Data received from focus groups and other researches agreed with you in advance;
  • Data of Internet audience analysis;
  • Expert inquiries, etc.

Pro-Consulting analysts will prepare exclusive and customized market analysis, taking in consideration all your needs and demands. We have an experience in analytical and marketing researches of 200 different market segments in Ukraine and abroad (EU states, CIS states, USA, North Africa, Middle East (MENA) and other regions). Please do not hesitate to contact us – your order will be performed quickly and with exceptional quality.

Price of analytical research is determined individually, taking in consideration the following factors:

  • Area of activity
    (Sector of economy, industry, market segment)
  • Research methods
    (Office or field research)
  • Research schedule
    (Deadline to deliver the result)
  • Research topic and scope
    (Research subject, objective, and result)
  • Research geography
    (Ukraine (regions, cities), CIS states, Europe)

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