Feasibility Study

Pro-Consulting offers you development of a feasibility study of an investment project. The task of this document is to study and analyse organizational, financial, and economic aspects of the company's activities or implementation of a planned business project.

We recommend development of a feasibility study, if you already have a certain idea of the market and its specifics, while you need a more detailed economic justification to establish or optimize the business.

Development of a feasibility study for an existing business is an opportunity to assess efficiency of a company and, if necessary, to decide whether to implement modernization or business expansion programs.

Ordering feasibility study, you will receive an investment project that will be based on your wishes and requirements and complied with accepted international standards. 

The feasibility study will include:
  • Сoncept and features of the future project, its competitive advantages. 
  • Description of production and technological aspects of a business structure, including necessary assets with their characteristics and work patterns. 
  • Financial and economic evaluation of the project investment attractiveness.  


Calculations for the project investment attractiveness are drafted in Excel and contain about 15 appendices with monthly calculations and annual results. 


You can see the portfolio of prepared investment projects below: 

  1. Commercial and residential real estate;
  2. Production sphere;
  3. Food industry;
  4. Agribusiness and agriculture;
  5. Trade sector;
  6. Sector of services.


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