Strategic Consulting

Marketing strategy is a look into the future, identification of new values of goods or services that will be useful to the society. This is the definition of new products that can take the company to the big leagues.

This is a development plan based on the capabilities of the external environment and the internal potential of a company, synchronizing its resources to achieve the goal.

Marketing-oriented companies, where decisions are made based on consumer research, cope with the strategy development on their own. This requires a well-developed structure of a marketing department and an experienced marketing director. In such companies, marketing department is in charge, commercial department and production department are under its management. Today, this type of management is considered the most successful.

The business of many Ukrainian companies is based on production or sales. For qualitative changes and taking on new markets, a company needs its own marketing director or external consultant.

We offer services that fully provide the function of strategic marketing in a company:

1. Freelance Marketing Director

Method of work

Each client is assigned with one of our experts with at least 12 years of experience. He conducts strategic sessions with a client, analyzes the data and creates an intellectual product together with his working group.

Types of services:

1.1. Development of a full strategic complex:
• general marketing strategy, including the brand model
• innovative strategy
• product strategy
• price strategy
• promotion strategy
• communication strategy
Each type of strategy is a separate project with clear deadlines and an agreed format for delivering results

1.2. Implementation of a strategy
Helps the client to achieve high involvement of employees in implementation of a new strategy, create working groups, measure indicators and adjust plans to reflect new realities.
Our expert spends a lot of time in the client's office, communicates with employees and trains participants of changes.
A support package is agreed with a client, expressed in the number of working hours.

1.3. Guidance or "supervision"
It is very important to monitor compliance of subsequent marketing activities of the overall strategy. There are situations when staff members need an external evaluation of tactical plans, design layouts and intermediate results.
We offer control of actions by our working group based on a monthly payment.

Stages of work on the marketing strategy

1. Work session

A) Analysis of the environment and goal-setting
The project team (a client and our experts) discusses the current market situation, competitors, goals and objectives, as well as the time frame in which they should be achieved, and resources that can be attracted (money / human). We find out all the restrictions on work and build hypotheses.

B) Products
We discuss the product / service in detail: advantages or differences from competitors, and precisely identify strengths and weaknesses.

C) Clients
Target audiences are identified, their motivation and points of contact are studied.

As a result of the working session, a general outline of the project and methods of work are developed, a detailed brief is agreed upon: goals and objectives, timelines, resources, the format of the result and budget.

Word document, up to 10 pages.
Terms - 2 days.

2. Express audit and brand model
At this stage, a vision of the market is formed, trends are studied, research is conducted, hypotheses are tested and immersion in internal analytics takes place. As a result, we offer a client 2-3 effective brand models, from which one will need to choose for further work on the strategy.
The brand model plays an important role in the market for all other players. This is the basis of the company's ideology and all its tactical and strategic actions. The model determines values of the company, its methods of work, and style of communication.

Structure of the document "Brand Model"
• market: volume, structure; definition of one's market position
• the main findings on competitors
• segmentation of the audience, portraits of existing customers and "customers of the future"
• market trends in Ukraine and abroad
• unique trading advantages of products
• positioning and brand values
• brand models to choose from (including insights, attributes, benefits and the essence of the brand)

PowerPoint document, up to 100 slides.
Appendices - the results of research.
Terms - 4 weeks.

3. Strategy

The strategy is based on the chosen model of the brand and has the following structure:

• Company: sales / marketing / assessment of the current situation
• Competitors: companies, brands, marketing and communication activities
• Clients: segmentation of the target audience of the brand
• Range of products and pricing policy
• Sales model
• Directions for possible development: new markets / new needs / new positioning
• Work plan for 1 year
• Required resources, budget
• Development forecast
• Performance evaluation system
• Alternative scenarios in case of changing market conditions

PowerPoint document, up to 100 slides.
Terms - 4-6 weeks

We offer our clients in-depth analysis and elaboration of the subject matter and provide a ready plan for implementing the strategy.

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