Anticrisis strategic management

In addition to the fact that Pro-Consulting provides markets research services, we would like to present you our new tool for “survival” and development for your company even during and after the crisis of 2020 - Anti-crisis strategic management: business vaccination.

An anti-crisis strategy in a stable times is a mandatory analysis tool that allows one to maintain and develop positions in the market. At present not all companies were prepared for this turn of events in the global economy. With the onset of a crisis the standard working methods are not always effective. The spread of the Coronavirus and unprecedented quarantine measures have already put year 2020 on the list of crisis ones. Today's conditions challenge companies to change both internal business processes and interactions with customers and suppliers.

Anti-crisis strategic consulting provides the following opportunities for businesses:

  • Analysis of alternative products purchase and sale channels both in Ukraine and abroad;
  • Assessment of export potential, market analysis in target countries;
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of competitors - who can suffer the most and who can take advantage of instability;
  • Consumers interview - how their preferences can change - whether they will save on your product;
  • Identifying key value propositions that are market-relevant and distinct from the competitor;
  • Formation of a strategy to create and develop for your company a unique selling proposition in new market conditions;
  • Strategic sessions with our experts and assistance in tracking efficiency through surveys, company performance analysis and other tools;
  • Analysis and forecast of changes in your market under quarantine conditions, as well as after it.

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Our new "Vaccination" service for your business: development of anti-crisis strategic concepts in three possible directions for your business:

  1. Development of the most effective tools by decomposing the existing business (5-10 solutions) based on the conclusions obtained during the desk market research;
  2. Strategic session to explore the resources and capabilities of the company and identify optimal directions. This will form the basis for a deep study of directions;
  3. Deep processing of 3 selected directions: determination of the major stages, tools and risks. Identification of weak points and transfer into key or basic tools;
  4. Support in the implementation of directions.

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