Digital-analytics, Websites and Social Networks analysis

What is it?

Audit of social media will allow you to determine how successful your company is in achieving its business goals using social media, how effectively they work for the company, how effective the digital strategy is aimed at strengthening positions in the market with the help of digital tools.

What do we offer?

• Analysis of brand development strategy / company in social media
• Compliance of publications in the social media with the content plan, identification of the most effective publications, activities and communication with the target audience
• Analysis of competitors, both offline and online. Determination of their positions in the market, analysis of their creative concept, which is used in social media, definition of their communication strategy with target audience
• Audience analysis (portrait of a consumer and his behavior), identification of effective ways of communicating with the audience
• Web-site analysis and definition of eco-system (relationship) with social media

What do we analyze?

Social media:
Facebook, Instagram, Vk, OK:

• current number of followers,
• dynamics of followers,
• the most popular publications by the number of likes,
• difference in content in different social media,
• use of logo in publications,
• the most popular topics,
• carrying out activities (competitions), their mechanism and other

YouTube (own channel)

Overview: Views, View time, Average view (in minutes), Subscribers, Subscriber views, Percentage of likes, Top videos, Estimated statistics.
Revenue: Estimated revenue, Estimated number of commercial plays, Transactions, Revenue sources, Ad types, Most profitable videos, Countries with the highest CPM.
Transitions: Types of traffic sources, Most popular external sources, Search results which most often lead to your videos, Videos which most often lead to your videos, Most popular playlists with your videos.
Audience: Gender, Age, Countries where your videos are most viewed, Most popular subtitle languages

YouTube (competitors’ channels):

• date of creation of a channel in YouTube,
• number of videos uploaded to it,
• Channel category,
• Country,
• Dynamics of subscribers for the last month,
• Number of views for the last month,
• Channel revenue,
• Competitive channels,
• the most popular video topics, etc.

Website (eco-system - relationship of transitions to the site through digital channels)

• traffic and user involvement,
• traffic sources,
• detailed breakdown of data for each traffic source,
• interests of the audience,
• keywords on organic search and context,
• popular pages,
• competitor web-sites,
• analysis of the industry and popular web-sites,
• application analytics.


• Analysis of efficiency of a digital agency with respect to their work on your brand (whether they comply with digital strategy, whether they fulfil KPI, whether they use all the tools, how often they react to the responses of the target audience)
• Increase trust of the target audience in the social media
• Determine effectiveness of the digital tools used and provide advice to independent experts on further brand development in SMM



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