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Any business is an interaction. The income of company depends on the volume and quality of work with the counterparties who have the greatest interest in purchasing its goods and services. Maximizing the effectiveness of interaction with customers automatically leads to an increase of the performance of the enterprise.

As the grain will not sprout unless it is in favorable soil, so the promotional material will not give the desired effect if it does not reach the target audience. Thus efforts and money will be wasted. To prevent this, you need to have an up-to-date database of potential customers.

Company's activities should be converted into a revenue generating mechanism. Knowing the particular subscriber's areas of interest, it is possible to provoke a reaction in form of your product or service purchase.

Potential customers may change their contact information, so your database will lose its relevance and value, and your actions will be irrelevant and ineffective.

Just entrust us to make your database with contacts update.

The service 'Database update' scheme is simple and effective:

  • You provide us with a database of your contacts;
  • We determine the list of issues that need to be clarified;
  • We develop a scenario of our employees communication with subscribers;
  • We make calls to subscribers and communicate according to developed scenario;
  • We process the ringing data results;
  • We provide you with an up-to-date database of potential customers in an easy to use form.


Database update service may not be limited to the information collecting, but also may include elements of telemarketing. We can deliver to potential customers information about the products you offer and tell them about benefits of cooperation with you.

Our database updating service can be used both on a one-time basis, and in a possible partnership to maintain your contact database on an ongoing basis.

Increase your information security with our 'Database Update' service.

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