Phone Surveys (CATI)

The activities of the Pro-Consulting’s call center are aimed at high-quality support of client companies in various areas of activity through the implementation of marketing tools to identify and analyze the target audience, increasing the client's brand awareness, which leads to an increase of goods and services sales.

Telephone surveys of respondents have a number of competitive advantages over traditional surveys, street surveys and e-mails

Cost. The terms and cost of conducting telephone surveys, checking customer service quality, identifying brand loyalty and promoting products is much cheaper than traditional tools.

Individual approach. Our technical capabilities and human resources allow us to ensure the optimal terms of the project and scalability for your needs.

Quality control at all stages of the project. You can track the quality of our operators' work at any time by listening to calls, as well as track the formation of the report online

Analytical data processing. Final reports with conclusions and recommendations are thoroughly reviewed by analysts from Pro-Consulting (a company with 14 years of experience in market research).

We offer the client business the basic call center tools

In-depth phone surveys (CATI) - a tool that allows one to determine the portrait of a consumer, identify his interest in a product / service, understand the level of trust in your brand and product loyalty.

Sociological and political science polls are the basic tool for determining the mood in society and attitudes towards important events taking place in a country.

The Mystery Caller service allows you to identify strengths and weaknesses in the work of your employees, determine the need for a motivation system or conduct training to improve the quality of work with clients.

The most common and effective call center tool is phone surveys. It can act as a separate service, to get answers to point questions about consumer behavior in the market or be part of an in-depth analysis of the market, which will determine not only consumer preferences, but also form a complete picture of the market of interest.

The process of conducting a phone survey on the basis of the Pro-Consulting company call center includes a number of integral components. Specification is formed - the questions that the research should answer are determined. In the process of compiling a questionnaire for a phone survey we form a list of questions that will allow one to get accurate answers, allowing you to create or adjust the marketing strategy of the client's company in order to increase the consumer loyalty index and increase sales. Next, a base of respondents is selected and tested in order to optimize the questionnaire. In the process of conducting a phone survey you can monitor the activity of operators in real time and analyze the responses of respondents.

The result of a phone survey is an analytical report, which will immediately be useful in making management decisions or in future can be included in a comprehensive marketing research.

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