Investment Memorandum

Investment memorandum is an investment document designed to attract additional funding, contains detailed information about a company, its activities, and/or a planned project.

An investment memorandum prepared by the specialists of our company will contain all the necessary information that is required for an investor to make a positive decision about your project or its financing. 

An investment memorandum contains:

  • description of the specifics of your business and / or planned Project,
  • a comprehensive analysis of the market environment,
  • evaluation of the financial side of the project and possible risks,
  • information that will allow to show your business in the light most beneficial to an investor. 

Key features of an investment memorandum: 

  1. Contains the most necessary information about the company initiating the project. 
  2. Allows evaluating the company at different stages of the project implementation. 
  3. Offers a deal structure with a potential investor and conducts a detailed analysis of a company, its activity, taking into account attracted investments. 
  4. Describes measures to ensure optimal cooperation between an investor, owner and the company's managers during the post-investment period. 

 The objectives for preparation of an investment memorandum: 

  • Pre-Ipo, IPO, Private Placement.
  • Issuance of company’s bonds.
  • Receiving short-term and long-term financing.
  • Sale of a company's share.
  • Strategic partnership with investors


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