Franchise development consulting

Looking for ways to scale your business?

Want to create your own network? Increase your brand awareness and customer loyalty? Enter foreign markets or start working in another region?

Consultations on the creation and development of the franchise include an analysis of the market and the franchises presented on it with providing of independent recommendations for creating the optimal franchise offer, development and promotion of your franchise in the market.

For whom:

  • business owners
  • company executives

 Franchise development is a profitable solution for both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs who want to gain additional competitive advantages and quickly create their own network.

You are interested in

  • Business scaling
  • Growing market share of the company
  • Creating a network
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Entering new markets (expanding the company's geography)
  • Increasing consumer loyalty
  • Obtaining additional competitive advantages
  • Additional income in the form of a lump sum and royalties

We will provide

  • In-depth analysis of the market in which your company operates and analysis of the franchises represented in it
  • Identify the features of the competitors’ offer and recommendations on the possible competitive advantages of the franchise
  • Independent audit of your company's readiness for development under the franchise system
  • Drawing up a portrait of a potential partner
  • Consultations on possible franchise formats and the choice of partner retention mechanism
  • Financial diagnostics of the company
  • Development of a marketing strategy for further development of the company in the market
  • DIGITAL-audit, development of a strategy to promote your franchise on the Internet
  • Control over the work of the network through the "Mystery Shopper" research

The advice and recommendations of an independent consultant will help you to develop a qualitative and competitive franchise offer and develop effectively in the market.

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