Development the concept of the most effective assets use

Development the concept of the most effective assets use is beneficial, first and foremost, for owners of various assets and helps to use it effectively in order to maximize profits.
During the assets structure review the methods of horizontal and vertical analysis are used. During the analysis we identify the trends of assets items changes that have a negative or positive effect on strengthening the company's position at the market.
  • Horizontal analysis involves creating one or more analytical charts, which contain the absolute balance sheet ratios and relative growth rate (decline).
  • Vertical analysis shows the enterprise's instruments structure.
Horizontal and vertical analyses complement each other, so they both are used for the initial asset evaluation and further development of asset efficient use conception. Evaluation of assets use effectiveness determines the impact of assets on company’s financial results by three groups of indicators: profitability, liquidity and turnover on the basis of coefficients calculation.
As a result, our client gets the instructions for the further effective use of material resources.

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