Evaluation of investment risks

Pro-Consulting conducts analysis and evaluation of a wide range of risks at all the stages of investment projects. This service could be both a part of the branch investment attractiveness evaluation and a separate research. In order to evaluate the investment risks the following approaches are used:

Qualitative analysis of investment risks. including project risks. It should include a description of specific project risks, identify possible reasons for their occurrence, studying the predicted impact of their implementation and devising proposals for risks minimizing, as well as the evaluation of all the actions aimed at minimizing the project risks.

Quantitative analysis of investment risks. Provides numerical evaluation of individual risks and risks of the project as a whole. Quantitative analysis is based on the probability theory, mathematical statistics, and the theory of operations research. The goal of the quantitative analysis is numerical measuring the impact of the project risk factors on performance.

Mostly, risk evaluation is carried out using statistical methods according to international standards.
The evaluation of investment risks is very important, because it allows a client to:
  • compare and select projects by least-risk criteria
  • operate important conditions of cooperation with products and services suppliers, including the procurement and payment at the project preparation stage
  • consider the most significant factors which have an impact on the project
  • compare the degree of benefits possibility and compare the revenue and risks according to the following principle: higher risk – higher income.
The purpose is to provide quality information about expediency of investing in a particular project, and the opportunity to minimize the investor’s financial losses.


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