Development of business plan by the UNIDO standards

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Pro-Consulting has been drafting business plans for more than 15 years and is the leading consulting company in Ukraine in business planning. We are the first Ukrainian company with the «Consultant of the Year» status. In 2011, we won the first Gabriel Al-Salem International Award «For excellent achievements in consulting».

During 12 years in the market we have prepared over 400 business plans to attract Ukrainian and foreign investors, bank credits and satisfy companies' needs in professional business planning. We work according to the international quality standards and are experienced in preparation of projects almost in all the sectors of the economics. Read recommendations.

We offer:

  • development of business plans and other investment documents of various of difficulty;
  • purchase and revision, if necessary, of ready typical business plans;
  • audit of a business plan, prepared by you or another company, and its revision (if necessary);
  • maintenance and support of a prepared business plan and attraction of required financing.

If you order a business plan from Pro-Consulting, you will get an investment document, which consists of calculations and a descriptive part. Its completeness and level of details depends on your will and objectives. We will prepare a project that will fully meet the accepted international standards, and at the same time taking into account all your requirements and demands.

Specialists of Pro-Consulting will prepare a business plan according to your requirements in accordance with one of the accepted international standards: UNIDO, EBRD, TACIS .

Our company offers the following generalized structure of a business plan:
1. Project Summary
2. Description of the company initiating the projectКонсалтинговая компания_Pro-Consulting
3. Description of the project
4. Analysis of the target market *
5. Production plan
5.1. Location of the project implementation site
5.2. Description of the production process
5.3. Characteristics of products / services
6. Organizational plan
6.1. Integrated operational schedule of project implementation
6.2. Required personnel and personnel policy for the project
7. Marketing plan
7.1. Channels for sale of products
7.2. Promotion Strategy
8. Investment plan
8.1. Plan of financing plan for the project
8.2. Required equipment and other assets under the project
9. Financial plan of the project
9.1. Initial data for calculating their argumentation
9.2. Sales forecast for the project
9.3. Profit for the project
9.4. Forecast of cash flow for the project
9.5. Justification for repayment of loan funds
9.6. Debt service ratio
9.7. Calculation of breakeven point for the project
10. Analysis of project effectiveness
10.1. Analysis of project profitability
10.2. Indicators of investment attractiveness and profitability of the project
10.3. Scenarios for development of the project
11. Risk analysis
11.1. Factor analysis of project risks
11.2. Risk reduction strategy
11.3. SWOT analysis
12. Conclusions
* - specification of this project item depends on your needs and is finally negotiated at the stage of preliminary preparation of a business plan. 

Calculations are is drafted in Excel and contain about 16 appendices with monthly (quarterly) calculations and annual results across key financial indicators, which enable a reliable and adequate financial evaluation of the project. 


You can see the portfolio of prepared investment projects below:

  1. Commercial and residential real estate;
  2. Production sphere;
  3. Food industry;
  4. Agribusiness and agriculture;
  5. Trade sector;
  6. Sector of services.

Business plan from Pro-Consulting allows you to:

  • comprehensively plan a new business;
  • decide on whether to implement a planned business project;
  • chose development possibilities for an existing business;
  • raise investment for business project or obtain direct lending, both from Ukrainian financial organizations and institutions, as well as European and international institutions.

Experts of our company guarantee you an individual approach, a high level of quality of a business plan, work efficiency, as well as we ensure confidentiality of your information.



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