The company’s entering to the foreign market

Pro-Consulting is an analytical company, which aims to help ukrainian companies to conquer foreign markets. Using our analytical information, the owners of these companies can receive operational information of the development of "external markets", analyze trends and assess next steps, which will be the best.

We provide individual approach to the clients, which depends on the tasks that stand before them. Before entering to the foreign markets it is proposed two 2 stages of entering: prepare "Analytical analysis of the market", and then, based on the cabinet researches, prepare deeper research - "Strategy of the company’s entering to the foreign market".

The structure of " Analytical analysis of the market ":
Macroeconomics (population, GDP, ranking of “Doing business”, etc.)
Overview of the market
Analysis of market trends
Possible substitute products, analysis of their competitiveness
Government control of market

Detailed analysis of export from Ukraine (including recommendations of brokers, etc.)
Analysis of import to the countries, which are investigated
Capacity of investigated market (manufacture + import - export)
Manufacture (volume)
Export (volumes, export prices, geography by countries)
Import (volumes, import prices, geography by countries)
Main operators / leaders of the market
Description of the operators (major activities, brands, contacts)
Investigation success of main leaders, their strategies (mainly to public companies)
The range of the main operators
Segmentation of range of main operators of the market
The analysis of the marketing activity of main operators (activities in social. networks, e-mail-marketing, PR)
Evaluation of investment attractiveness of the market
SWOT – analysis of market
Analysis of barriers and constraints before entering
Conclusions and forecasts of market development
Structure " Strategy of the company’s entering to the foreign market ":

Investigation the possibilities and limitations of the company (production capacity, pricing, the links, availability of strong functional units)
Formation of the concept
The choice of direction and segment of the mission (reasoning)
Setting goals
Development of the unique selling proposition (taking into consideration industry)
The range and wrapping (right to confirm)
Pricing policy (field verification)
Sales channels (right to confirm)
Promotion (right to confirm)
Reasoning of the choice of segment / segments (right to confirm)
Reasoning of company's position in this segment / segments (right to confirm)
Key factors of success for the company (right to confirm)
Development of corporate style of brand
Development of the marketing mix
Off-line (trade marketing, loyalty programs, sales stimulation program, PR, event, etc.)
On-line (web-site, e-mail - marketing, SMM, etc.)
Sales plan (target plan of sales each month taking into account seasonality, the company’s opportunities, risks and other factors)
Development of KPI (key indicator to measure the performance of interim / annual)

During the preparation, analysts use different sources of information, among which are the following:
• data of statistical agencies (by countries)
• data of Eurostat,
• data of operators,
• data of UN, World Bank, EBRD and other international organizations
• internal data of Pro-Consulting,
• information, which got through quantitative and qualitative researches in other countries, etc.

Pro-Consulting analysts working on base of international quality standards and have wide experience not only on the Ukrainian market, but also overseas. Portfolio of completed projects can be found below:
Analysis of foreign markets

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