Order contextual advertising – consulting and advertising management (Google)

In addition to providing marketing research and strategic consulting services, Pro-Consulting offers interested businesses to compete with competitors for getting customers from the Google search network.

Exactly, we are talking about consulting in promoting your website using Google Adwords, because most of your customers, when look for your products and services or similar to yours, go exactly to the Google search engine. Help your potential clients find you on the Internet – order quality consulting on customizing and managing your advertising campaigns in Google Adwords

What do you get by ordering consulting on customizing and managing advertising in Google from Pro-Consulting?

Audit of your site and sites of competitors

Before customizing contextual advertising in Google Adwords, we will conduct an in-depth analysis of the competitive environment in Google search results: we will determine the saturation of the Internet with similar goods / services; we will analyze your site and give recommendations for its optimization; we will analyze the target audience and competitors in Google – all this will make it possible to assess your prospects and budgets of advertising campaigns.

Semantic core for effective contextual advertising in Google

We will collect for you all the key queries in the search network by which your target audience searches for your products / services in the Google search network; we will approve this semantic core with you, as well as form a list of irrelevant negative keywords in order to save your Google Adwords budgets and not overload your managers with inappropriate queries.

Selling out ads to get customers from Google

We know how those advertisements for Google which the target visitor of your site simply cannot pass by look and are created.

Customizing targeting in Google Adwords

When customizing targeting, we take into account everything: the geography of your ad display; ad display schedule; and, of course, the demographic parameters of the target audience for displaying ads (gender, age, status, interests, etc.).

List of advertising campaign performance indicators (KPI) in Google

We will offer you a list of key performance indicators of your contextual advertising and of our work. Individual goals in the analytics system, reports for in-depth analysis of selected advertising strategies to identify the prospects for the development of your advertising in Google will be configured.

Managing your contextual advertising on an ongoing basis

We will not leave you half way after we have made all the customizing for your contextual advertising. We will take control of your advertising campaign in Google and will optimize and develop it taking into account the changes in the internal and external environment of your business.

Contextual advertising – ordering such a promotion tool on Google will be 100% correct decision. After all, today most of your customers are looking for you in search engines.

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