Retail audit

Monitoring of retail trade is based on the results of retail sales of the products of the study group and the subsequent analysis of the range, prices, distribution tools, advertising materials.

  Tasks solved with the help of retail audit: 

• Assessment of the convenience of the location of the facility and possible routes for its achievement.

• Calculation of the intensity of visits by customers to the analyzed point with the allocation of visits during the day, peak hours, weekends and holidays.

  • Evaluation of generalized socio-demographic characteristics of buyers.
  • Determine the duration of the process of selecting a product and buying it.
  • Positioning of the specific products of the customer and similar products of the main competitors, assessment of the representation of the analyzed product category, as well as the width and capacity of the distribution channel
  • Calculation of the market participation of retail players and the share of individual segments of the products of the analyzed retail outlets.
  • Analysis of opportunities in the field of merchandising.
  • Identification of examples of marketing activity of competitive operators in the analyzed points of retail products, improving their own strategy and tactics of product promotion with the most original and effective approaches and techniques

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