Market analysis database

"Market analysis database" is a structured array of statistical and analytical information collected and systematized by Pro-Consulting analysts from more than 2,000 information sources. The sources are analytical reports of various research companies, information from the State Statistics Service, data of market operators, associations, materials of various authoritative publications and mass media.

To date, the Market analysis database contains more than 53 000 reviews and more than 600 marketing researches on the main commodity and financial markets of Ukraine, Russia and the world in more than 300 market directions, presented in the form of sections and subsections where search for necessary information is carried out with the help of filters and search string.

After subscription to the "Market analysis database" you will have access to the following sections of the database:

Section "Markets Analysis". This section contains reviews of the main commodity and financial markets of Ukraine, Russia and other countries. The sub-sections are updated daily with new overviews in the format of diagrams, tables, graphs and descriptive part. The main market indicators, price policy, operators of a particular market, aspects of consumption, foreign trade, main trends, development prospects and much more are considered.

Section "Marketing Research". Information on consumer preferences in terms of categories of goods and services is presented, factors of influence on the choice of goods or services are highlighted, portraits of consumers, consumers' tastes, frequency of purchased goods and services, and much more are described.

Section "Statistics on the markets". Statistical data is presented in the context of various categories of goods and services.

In addition, you can get acquainted with the main macroeconomic indicators of Ukraine, as well as obtain information on investment attractiveness of the regions, business opportunities, infrastructure, indicators of Ukraine's foreign economic activity, in particular, the volume of imports and exports of goods and services, basic social indicators and many other issues in the section "Macroeconomics, economic portrait of regions".

In addition, when subscribing to the Electronic Database "Market Analysis" you will get a monthly digest with a list of reviews that arrived in the database for a month in the context of the main categories of goods and services.

The main aspects of research, the results of which are presented in the reviews in the Electronic Database "Market Analysis":
o general situation on the market;
o the main market indicators;
o price situation;
o state regulation;
o market operators;
o raw material database;
o Foreign trade (export, import);
o consumption;
o investment;
o sales channels;
o product range;
o wholesale and retail trade;
o advertising;
o production technology;
o promotion of sales;
o market development forecast.

Data is structured for user convenience. There is an automatic search for information on keywords.
By subscribing to this information resource, you will get rid of the need to monitor information sources, work out huge amounts of data, and also to find up-to-date information on the markets. Thus, you can save a lot of essential time and money.
Entrust search for information you need to professionals!

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