Product and Service Sales Analysis

Pro-Consulting provides the services of company’s sales analysis on Ukrainian market. We have a possibility to analyze either the sales of your company or the sales of your key competitors, to provide information about product sales, product range and key customers of your competitors.

Sales analysis enables to receive information about main operators on the market and to study in details their activities in order to enable decision-making by the company’s management.

Sales analysis is based on analysis of sales of key market operators, their positioning, product range and other parameters which enable to study competitors in details for the decision-making

Business solutions taken basing on sales analysis of competitors (operators) make it possible to:

  • Optimize product range according to the results of analysis of competitors basing on the Boston Consulting Group methods (BCG-matrix)
  • Analyze product sales channels and the channels in which competitors are present
  • Form competitive pricing policy
  • Optimize marketing strategy of the company’s development, fix the goals relevant to the parameters of your competitors, develop the strategy of sales and positioning on the market.

Sales analysis includes:

  1. List of key operators on the market
    • Description and structuring of competitors (legal details, directions of activities and specialization; product groups, brands and product portfolio; presence in the regions)
    • Shares of main competitors on the market
    • Level of competition and risks. Factor analysis of market shares of the competitors
  2. Analysis of sales of the competitors
    • Analysis of the largest customers for the products and their volumes
    • Sales analysis of the operators with distribution by product type (by brands, packing size, product range)
    • Analysis of product suppliers to the competitors
  3. Competitors’ product range
  4. Price and pricing on the market
    • Product price dynamics
    • Average current prices for the products
    • Description of factors influencing on price formation, the structure
    • Product prime costs and profitability
  5. Branding and advertising (analysis of positioning of competitors on the market, unique product offer, presence in promotion channels)
  6. Competitors’ product sales channels (description and evaluation of sales structure with distribution by channels).

АВС analysis and XYZ analysis are conventional sales analysis methods.

АВС Analysis is the method for determination of the most important products from the point of view of sales volume. This method allows to determine unprofitable and low-profitable product groups in your company and the best products of your competitors. You will be able to improve the product quality and optimize product portfolio in time.

XYZ Analysis is the method allowing to classify the products in groups depending on the nature of demand: the degree of demand stability and the level of accuracy in predicting potential demand.

Results of analysis ensure cost optimization in the company, elimination of unstable products and focus on the products which bring the maximum profit.

Basing on the results of initial consulting, we plan the schedule of works which is the most suitable for you.

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