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Telemarketing as a way of direct communication between seller and buyer is one of the most effective tools for promoting goods and services in the market.

Of course, you can organize the telemarketing process in your organization yourself. And you will definitely succeed. It's just a matter of how much time and money will actually be wasted. You will recruit people, put them on phones and they will start calling customers. But they will do it clumsily, because it takes months or even years to practice telemarketing. All this time you will have to pay for the maintenance of the office.

 Your potential customer base will shrink because inexperienced operators scare off some of them. As a result, you will receive much less than you could get in the same time by outsourcing the telemarketing duty to an already prepared our company’s team.

 So, you have decided to use the Telemarketing service. You can rightly congratulate yourself on making the right and most importantly profitable decision. Cooperation with us will consist of several stages.

 At the first stage, we need to form a database of contacts where we will call to. This database should contain people or organizations who need your product or service, but they don't know about it yet. Therefore, the list of contacts should best meet the characteristics of the target audience of your consumers. To do this, we will together determine your consumer portrait and overlay it on the existing database. The best result of forming a contact list will be achieved if the database is updated beforehand – it can also be included in a telemarketing package of services. If you do not have the contacts of the target audience for the call, you will need to buy a contacts database.

 The second stage is to prepare a script for a conversation with a potential client. The ultimate goal of this scenario is the formation in the subscriber the need to purchase your product or service and the desire to realize this need.

 When the conversation algorithm is developed, it is tested and run-in, during which weaknesses are identified and the necessary adjustments are made. Final script is provided to the operator for working with the contacts database.

 An experienced call center operator does not need much time to learn a new script, as his mind is already honed by training and many hours of practice. He works according to a verified and effective scheme, taking into account particular customer’s task specifics.

 The work of operators is monitored in real time by experienced call center managers. You, as a client, will also have the opportunity to make sure of the proper quality of this work. The most important indicator will be the flow of applications, which can be implemented in the form of a call transfer to your sales manager, providing contact information or making an appointment. The report on the process of your order execution can be submitted daily in a form convenient for you.

 Everyone is familiar with the proverb: "Every product has its own merchant." The art of the seller is to arrange a meeting of his goods with a buyer who needs it, making a profit from this meeting. Like any professional, a salesperson can and should use tools that help him do his job most effectively. Its main task at the first stage is to get as many people as possible to know about the product and its consumer properties. Earlier this problem was solved with the help of barkers, who loudly praised the dignity of the product on the market. Today, there is assistance of technical means and specially trained specialists who work with them. By giving routine processing of the customer base using phone to our call center, your company will be able to focus only on concluding agreements and improving its products.

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