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Analytical report on the results of fresh meat consumers survey. 2020 year

General characteristics
Date of Preparation: June 2020 year
Number of pages: 21 ppt
Graphs and charts: 29
Tables: 1
Payment method: cash or non-cash payment, prepayment
Production method: e-mail or courier electronically or in printed form
Report language: russian
7400 UAH
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Detailed contents:

1. Target audience (TA) of the survey
2. Places of purchase of fresh meat
3. Comparison of TA of branded stores and other sales channels
4. TA. Material situation
5. Distribution by districts of Kyiv
6. Frequency of buying meat
7. Frequency of purchase of chilled meat semi-finished products
8. Reasons for purchase (if not purchased in branded stores)
9. For what factors would you buy meat in branded butcher shops? (If not bought in branded stores)
10. Customers of supermarkets: do they buy in one or in different ones? In which one?
11. Customers of branded stores: In which store do they buy?
12. Customers of branded stores: Reasons for shopping there?
13. Brand store customers: Would you recommend a meat store that you usually shop at?
14. Customers of branded stores: what's not to like?
15. Customers of branded stores: What products would you also like to see in branded meat stores?
16. Delivery of products. All sales channels
17. Delivery of products. Brand stores
18. Conclusions

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