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Market research report on banquet halls and restaurants in Kamianske. 2023 year

General characteristics
Date of Preparation: October 2023 year
Number of pages: 26, Arial, 1 interval, 10 pins
Graphs and charts: 3
Tables: 11
Payment method: non-cash or cash payment, prepayment
Production method: e-mail or courier electronically or in printed form
Report language: ukrainian, russian, english
26900 UAH
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Detailed contents:

1. General characteristics of the market
2. Sales volumes on the market (estimate)
3. The range of products (concepts and services) presented on the market
4. Consumers and their preferences (online; offline - on the floor)
5. Analysis of market development trends
6. List of main operators: (format, concept, area or number of seats, menu, prices of main items for comparison, analysis of advertising and reviews)
7. Branding and advertising (analysis of competitor positioning in the market, presence in promotion channels, art component)
8. Consumer preferences for visiting restaurants, structuring consumer portraits
9. Analysis of the Internet - the audience in the industry, search queries and issuing competitors
10. Analysis of bloggers about restaurant culture in Kamiansk
11. Conclusions. Predicted indicators
12. Recommendations for market development for two years
13. Additional, niches and directions (superficially)

List of Tables:

1. Assortment of services and products in the main restaurants of Kamianskyi
2. Rating of establishments with banquet halls in Kamianskyi
3. List of main operators in the market of banquet halls and restaurants in Kamianske
4. Conditions for holding banquets in restaurants in Kamianske
5. Comparison of menu prices in restaurants in Kamianske
6. Analysis of the presence of market operators in online communication channels
7. Analysis of the activity of market operators in online communication channels
8. Analysis of branding of the main market operators of banquet halls and restaurants in Kamiansk
9. Segments of consumers of restaurant services in the city of Kamianske.
10. Analysis of competitors through search queries
11. Ratings of Kamiansky restaurants from rating agencies

List of graphs and charts:

1. Structure of food establishments in Kamiansky by types as of August 2023.
2. The structure of restaurants in Kamiansky for August 2023.
3. The structure of consumers of restaurant services in the city of Kamianske.

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