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Market research report on the HoReCa in Berlin. 2023 year

General characteristics
Date of Preparation: September 2023 year
Number of pages: 27, Arial, 1 interval, 10 skittles
Graphs and charts: 2
Tables: 15
Payment method: non-cash or cash payment, prepayment
Production method: e-mail or courier electronically or in printed form
Report language: ukrainian, russian, english
34500 UAH
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Detailed contents:

1. General characteristics of the HoReKa market in Berlin
1.1. Description and analysis of market development trends as a whole (factors of influence, features of regulation, stages of market formation, new trends in the market that will contribute to the opening of a bistro)
1.2. Calculation of market capacity (estimate)
- the number of establishments by type, with an emphasis on bistros
- Procurement of facilities (evaluation)
- number of checks (estimate)
1.3. Segmentation and structuring of the market (by districts, types of districts (bedrooms, business), types of establishments (by cuisine, formats, price segments))
2. State regulation of the industry
2.1. List of licenses and documents required for opening
2.2. Peculiarities of regulation and document flow
3. Main market operators (chain establishments operating under a franchise, "trendy establishments")
3.1. List, description and structuring of operators (by formats, cities, assortment, number and level of reviews, promotion channels)
3.2. Description and comparison of competitors according to a multifactor model with the assignment of a weight factor to each factor
4. Assortment and pricing on the market
4.1. The assortment of the main operators with a focus on the product positions of the reserve
4.2. Average current prices for a range of bistros
4.3. Description of factors affecting price formation, food cost structure
5. Consumers and their preferences
5.1. Portrait of consumers by main types of establishments
5.2. Identification of a portrait of bistro consumers and estimation of their number, analysis of online behavior
6. Conclusions. Predictive indicators
6.1. Findings and forecast trends that will drive the Fresh Bars market
6.2. Recommendations for exiting the market from the point of view of research
7. Investment attractiveness of the industry
7.1. SWOT analysis of the Customer format
7.2. PESTLE analysis of factors affecting the market
7.3. Existing risks and barriers to market entry

List of Tables:

1. The number of registered institutions according to requests and estimated in Berlin, pcs
2. Check quantity factors in the restaurant industry in Berlin
3. Average check in Berlin's doners by district
4. HoReKa market operators belonging to the networks of the same name
5. HoReKa market operators belonging to franchises of the same name
6. HoReKu market operators who work separately
7. Multifactor model of comparison of HoReKa market operators belonging to networks of the same name
8. Multifactor model of comparison of HoReKa market operators related to franchises
9. Multifactor model of comparison of HoReKa market operators working separately
10. Average current prices for bistro assortments
11. SWOT analysis of the Customer format
12. SWOT analysis of the Customer format
13. Groups of PESTLE factors of the Berlin HoReK market analysis
14. Segmentation of market risks
15. Risk map of the Berlin HoReku market

List of graphs and charts:

1. Districts of Berlin by population, thousands of people
2. The ratio is established in Berlin according to formats, %

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