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Analysis of the hotel market in Odessa region 2019

General characteristics
Date of Preparation: November 2019 year
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Graphs and charts: 6
Tables: 13
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Detailed contents:

1. Analysis of trends in the development of the hotel real estate market in the region (factors influencing the market, causes and consequences associated with the development of hotels, including hostels (from 20 beds in the region), additionally - trends of development and development m Bay and Belgorod-Dnestrovsky.
2. Calculation of the capacity of the hotel real estate market in the region (analysis of the offer and average occupancy taking into account seasonality, tourist flows)
3. Market segmentation. Selection of hotels share - potentially direct competitors, hostels, and private households, complexes capable of providing conference and group accommodation services.
4. Major market operators
4.1. Analysis of direct competitors (10 operators). Competitive analysis of hotel real estate objects by parameters:
* Type (from research groups)
* Number of rooms and beds
* Location
* Distance to water
* Infrastructure availability (restaurants, clubs nearby)
* Amenities (internet, parking)
* Food
* Price policy (price comparison as a whole)
* Price flexibility (discounts on different dates, group orders)
* Availability of group orders
* Ancillary services, positioning (wedding / conferences) - marketing positioning analysis
* Use of promotion channels - social networks, other channels
* Other conditions - based on the bright competitive advantages of individual hotels - services for children and animals
* Ratings on Booking and other resources
4.2. indirect competitors
Analysis of hotels with conference rooms (comparison of seats in the hall and in the hotel for banquets and corporate parties) in Odessa
5. Major players Share (by legal entity availability and financial statements). For others, building a multifactorial model based on the factors in paragraph 4 and their weight. In this case, the competitive position of the operators will be evaluated
6. Market consumption. Dynamics of requests in key areas Analysis (excursion tours, holidays)
7. Segmental placement services promotion by key operators Analysis
* Use of social networks and sites
* Posts in profile publications (and others)
* Other channels used by operators in the segment.
8. Conclusions and forecasts of segment development (based on tendencies analysis in accommodation of guests of the relevant price segment in Ukraine, factors of influence in the region (building, supply predominance over demand) and changes in global trends in holidays, weddings, etc., building plans analysis concerning similar complexes in the region

List of Tables:

1. The amount of tourist tax in the Odessa region, to the local budget for 2017 - 6 months 2019, mln.UAH
2. The occupancy rate of hotels in the research region during the year,%
3. The occupancy rate of hotels in the research region during the year,%
4. The average cost of rooms by segment, and seasons
5. Number of rooms and volume of hotel services market in the "Zatoka" area of Odessa region for 2019.
6. Hotels provide conference services in the "Zatoka", Odessa region
7. List of the hotel sector major operators in the "Zatoka"
8. List of main establishments with conference rooms in Odessa
9. Multifactor model for the major operators for temporary placement in "Zatoka" Construction
10. General Google Search Query Indicators for rest in "Zatoka" over the Last 12 Months (November 2018 - October 2019), pcs.
11. Competitive TOP-25 Search Queries on Google Search indicators, over the last 12 months (November 2018 - October 2019), thousand Pcs.
12. Planned construction by type of buildings in the research region (Zatoka) for 2019.
13. Plans for the temporary placement buildings construction in Zatoka Area, for 2019

List of graphs and charts:

1. Regional distribution of hotels in Ukraine by amount in 2018
2. Structure of placement funds in Odessa and Odessa region, 2018,%
3. Map of the Gnostic infrastructure major objects in the research region
4. Structure of the hotel fund
5. Structure of the Top 50 Google requests by groups, for the last 12 months (November 2018 - October 2019),%
6. Seasonality of requests by groups, by TOP-50 requests, for the last 12 months (November 2018 - October 2019), Thousand Pcs.

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