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Analysis of the elite hotels of Odessa. 2019

General characteristics
Date of Preparation: October 2019 year
Number of pages: 37, Arial, 1 interval, 10 pt
Graphs and charts: 12
Tables: 10
Payment method: cash or non-cash payment, prepayment
Production method: e-mail or courier electronically or in printed form
Report language: ukrainian
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Detailed contents:

1. Trends Analysis of the hotel real estate market in Odessa development (factors of influence on the market, causes and consequences associated with the development of hotels, including luxury, in the region), additionally - the trends of development and building of Arcadia.
2. Calculation of the luxury hotel real estate market capacity in Odessa (supply and average occupancy analysis taking into account the seasonality of tourist flows)
3. Market segmentation. Luxury hotels share, 4-5 star hotels and luxury apartments Selection (by rooms, revenue with taking into account prices)
4. Major market operators (25 operators). Competitive analysis of hotel real estate objects by parameters
5. Major players Share (by legal entity and financial statements). For others, building a multifactorial model based on the factors in paragraph 4 and their weight.
6. Market consumption. Features of demand for luxury hotels (high-income people share, analysis of high-income people frequency stay in Odessa - by the Cabinet way)
7. Analysis of placement services promotion in the segment
* Using of social networks and sites
* Publications in specialized publications (Luxury, Lifestyle and others)
* Other channels used by operators in the segment
8. Conclusions and recommendations.
8.1. Conclusions and forecast indicators of the luxury hotels and apartments segment development in Odessa
8.2. Development hypotheses and forcast market development indicators (based on the analysis of tendencies in guests accommodation of the relevant price segment in Ukraine, factors of influence in Odessa (mass development, supply predominance over demand) and global trends changes in holidays, weddings, etc., analysis of construction plans of similar complexes in Odessa and the surrounding regions.
8.3. Recommendations for development in the market (in terms of positioning in comparison to competitors, global industry trends and other factors)


List of Tables:

1. Luxury hotels market division by rooms in Odessa
2. Name and main characteristics of market operators of the "luxury" category in Odessa
3. The names and features of the market operators offer of the "luxury" category in Odessa for visitors
4. Features of the offer and services provided by the market operators of the "luxury" category in Odessa for visitors
5. Structuring of major competitors in terms of services
6. Financial results of enterprises based on 2018 data by activity 55.10: "Activities of hotels and similar accommodation", mln.UAH
7. Luxury hotels of Odessa market Shares accordintg to the preferences of the service consumers
8. Preferences of typical luxury hotel services in Odessa consumers
9. Consumers of hotel services in Odessa in low season
10. Possible ways to increase the attractiveness of the hotel

List of graphs and charts:

1. Regional distribution of hotels in Ukraine by rooms in 2018
2. Number of tourists served by hotels in Odessa region in 2015-2018, thousand people
3. The average occupancy rate of luxury hotels in Odessa in 2017-2019,%
4. Number of hotels by category in Odessa,%
5. Room fund offer by category of hotels in Odessa,%
6. Share of hotels by number of rooms,%
7. Segmentation of the luxury hotel market by revenue, taking into account the price
8. Segmentation of the luxury hotels market by the cost of living - thousands UAH / night,%
9. Luxury hotels market shares in Odessa (legal entities)
10. Forecast of the number of tourists to be served by hotels in Odessa region in 2019-2020, thousand people
11. The forecast capacity of the luxury hotels market in Odessa on the basis of multi-factor model, in kind, units
12. Directions to increase the attractiveness of the hotel

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