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Business plan for the organization vegetable storage on 2,000 tons

General characteristics
Date of Preparation: December 2011 year
Payment method: cashless / cash, 100% prepayment
Production method: digital Word + financial model in Excel
17999 UAH
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The concept of the project:

Project envisages the creation and organization of the vegetable storage container technology. One of the technical characteristics of the project - one-time storage capacity of 2000 t.    

Project describes the creation and organization of the working process at the vegetable store 2,000 tons of storage. The business plan is a list of products to purchase, and a detailed description of the technology of storing vegetables.  

For the business plan was carried out market analysis of the current situation of the vegetable market of Ukraine, are the main trends in this industry. The project includes a description of the structure of cash infusions, the main stages of investment and resources. There is also a description of cost, scheduling, and the necessary measures for the implementation of each of the stages of the project.      

The business plan is a comprehensive financial model, consisting detailed schedule of investments, payment schedule, plan sales, projected profit and loss statement, statement of cash flows for the project. Also, we calculated all the necessary indicators for the evaluation of investment attractiveness of the project.      

To determine the financial stability of the project was designed several scenarios for the business. To do this, a framework was the deviation of the actual data from the plan, which allowed to determine the conditions of profitable operation of the business. All the calculations justify the investment attractiveness of the project and ensure the return of loan funds if they were involved.






2.1.1. Goals and objectives of the Project  

2.1.2. Parameters business  

2.1.3. Sources of financing of the Project. Areas of investment  

2.1.4. Network Diagram implementation and financing of the Project  


2.2.1. Location of the Project. Scheme area  

2.2.2. Description of production facilities and products for the Project  

2.2.3. Description of storage technology  

2.2.4. Description of warehouse equipment for the Project  

2.2.5. Footage. Personnel policy  

2.2.6. Laws and regulations affecting  


2.3.1. General characteristics of the target market  

2.3.2. The dynamics of the market of fresh apples. The main trend of the market  

2.3.3. The competitive environment in the market of Ukraine fruit storage  

2.3.4. Prospects of development of the market in fruit and fruit storage Ukraine  


2.4.1. Initial data for the calculations and their reasoning  

2.4.2. The sales forecast for the Project  

2.4.3. Generation of profits for the Project  

2.4.4. Forecast cash flow for the Project  

2.4.5. The breakeven point for the Project  

2.4.6. Justification structuring of credit (Logotny period. Repayment schedule)  

2.4.7. Justification loan servicing capabilities. Debt service ratio  

2.4.8. Evaluation of investment attractiveness of the Project  

2.4.9. Analysis of the sensitivity of the Project  


2.5.1. Factor analysis of the risks of the Project The risk of loss of profits and consumer risks Resource risk and implementation Bureaucratic and administrative risks Financial risks  

2.5.2. Risk reduction strategies  

2.6. SWOT-analysis  



Appendix 1. Aggregates for Project  

Appendix 2. Project Settings  

Appendix 3. Sources of financing and the total cost of the Project  

Appendix 4. Network Diagram of the Project  

Appendix 5. Loan Calculator of the Project  

Appendix 6. Loan repayment schedule for the Project  

Appendix 7. Calculation of depreciation on the Project  

Appendix 8. Staffing of the Project  

Appendix 9. Prices for the products 

Appendix 10. Sales forecast plan  

Appendix 11. Projected profit and loss statement for the project   

Appendix 12. Projected statement of cash flows 

Appendix 13. The scheme operating costs for the Project

Appendix 14. Profitability Analysis Project  

Appendix 15. Calculation of break-even point 

Appendix 16. The calculation of the internal rate of return and performance measures for the project's net present value of the project, discounted payback period, profitability of investments, its profitability  

Appendix 17. Evaluation scenarios for the Project

List of Tables:

Table 1. Project Summary  

Table 2. General Settings on the Project  

Table 3. The parameters of the enterprise  

Table 4. Taxation Project  

Table 5. Destinations investment  

Table 6. Work on the project and the schedule of investments  

Table 7. Physical fruit storage chambers  

Table 8. Specifications for FLT  

Table 9. Specifications electric stacker  

Table 10. Staffing Project  

Table 11. The market capacity of fresh apples in Ukraine in dynamics 2007 - 2012 * gg., in kind, thousand t  

Table 12. Main participants of the Ukrainian fruit storage  

Table 13. Mid-market sales prices of apples, $/t  

Table 14. The purchase prices for the products, $/t  

Table 15. Features power consumption of fruit storage  

Table 16. Prerequisites for the calculation of power consumption loaders  

Table 17. Sales Forecast Project  

Table 18. Profit and Loss Statement for the Project  

Table 19. Formation profit Project  

Table 20. Efficiency Project  

Table 21. Operating expenses for the project  

Table 22. Sampling schedule of loan repayment  

Table 23. Ratio DSCR  

Table 24. Performance Indicators  

Table 25. The sensitivity of the project to change the volume of sales  

Table 26. The sensitivity of the project to change prices  

Table 27. Sensitivity to changes in the cost of the project  

Table 28. SWOT-analysis Project

List of graphs and charts:

Figure 1. The structure of investments  

Figure 2. Financial schedule of the project  

Figure 3. Location of the project  

Figure 4. Organizational Project  

Figure 5. Structure gardens Ukraine  

Figure 6. The market capacity of fresh apples in Ukraine in dynamics 2007 - 2012 * gg., in kind, thousand t  

Figure 7. The yield of apples in Ukraine in dynamics 2007 - 2012 * gg., in kind, thousand t  

Figure 8. Exports of fresh apples in the dynamics of Ukraine 2007 - 1-9 months. 2012., in kind, thousand t  

Figure 9. Exports of fresh apples in the dynamics of Ukraine 2007 - 1-9 months. 2012., in terms of money, millions of dollars  

Figure 10. Import of fresh apples to Ukraine in the dynamics of 2007 - 1-9 months. 2012., in kind, thousand t

Figure 11. Import of fresh apples to Ukraine in the dynamics of 2007 - 1-9 months. 2012., in terms of money, millions of dollars  

Figure 12. Exports of apples from the Ukraine, in monetary terms, %  

Figure 13. Imports of apples in Ukraine in 2011, in terms of money, %  

Figure 14. Average wholesale prices for the purchase of fresh apples (September, October), Rs./kg  

Figure 15. Average prices for the implementation of fresh apples during the 7-month sales from November to May, Rs./kg  

Figure 16. Price structure in the sale of apples in season, %  

Figure 17. The structure of prices when selling apples out of season, %  

Figure 18. Sales Structure Project  

Figure 19. Formation profit Project  

Figure 20. Gross receipts and gross profit margin  

Figure 21. Dynamics of net income and return on sales  

Figure 22. Operating expenses  

Figure 23. Chart loan service  

Figure 24. The dynamics of debt-servicing ratios for the project  

Figure 25. The internal rate of return  

Figure 26. Payback period (from the beginning of the Project)  

Figure 27. Correlation of NPV and sales of products  

Figure 28. Correlation of NPV and price changes  

Figure 29. The correlation of changes in the cost and NPV

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