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Residential high-rise real estate market in the city of Vyshneve. 2022 year

General characteristics
Date of Preparation: January 2022 year
Number of pages: 52 Arial, 1 spacing, 10 pt
Graphs and charts: 13
Tables: 22
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Report language: ukrainian, russian, english
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Detailed contents:

1. General characteristics of the market
1.1. Description of the market (description of the boundaries for research)
1.2. Analysis of trends in the development of the real estate market in the Kyiv region and Vishnevoe (influence factors, development problems)
1.3. Analysis of infrastructure in the study area (current situation and plans)
1.4. General indicators of the market (estimation based on data from operators):
1.4.1. Existing offer on the market
1.4.2. Housing area put into operation
1.4.3. Area of ​​active construction
1.5. Segmentation and structuring of the market (by types of housing, the share of the center in the total construction market of Cherry)
2. Analysis of developers and their facilities
2.1. List of main objects and their characteristics
2.1.1. Developer
2.1.2. Location
2.1.3. Infrastructure (transport, sea, schools, gardens, sports, parks, commercial real estate)
2.1.4. Conceptual features of projects (positioning analysis)
2.1.5. Layout, area of ​​apartments
2.1.6. Prices
2.2. Market shares of the main market operators (by area, reviews)
2.3. Features of competition and risks
3. Price and market pricing
3.1. Average current prices for new buildings
3.2. Analysis of forecast prices for 2022-2023.
3.3. Description of the factors influencing the formation of prices, assessment of the structure
4. Consumers and their preferences
4.1. Consumer preferences, consumer portrait (desk analysis using survey results)
4.2. Analysis of search queries online
4.3. Structuring and segmentation of consumption
4.4. Degree of customer satisfaction (analysis of satisfaction in similar residential complexes)
5. Conclusions. Forecast indicators
5.1. Conclusions and tendencies of market development. Housing commissioning forecast
5.2. Recommendations for development in the market
5.2.1. Concept recommendations (infrastructure, other additions)
5.2.2. Pricing Recommendations
5.2.3. Promotion Recommendations
6. Investment attractiveness of the industry
6.1. SWOT analysis of the planned LCD
6.2. PESTLE-analysis of factors influencing the market
6.3. Existing risks and barriers to entry into the market. Building a risk map in the market

List of Tables:

1. Options for getting to work in the center of Kyiv from Vyshneve
2. Infrastructure in the city of Vishnevoe
3. Existing residential complexes in Vishnevoe, where you can buy an apartment
4. The area of ​​housing put into operation in the residential complex Akvarely-2 for the period 2019-2021
5. The area of ​​housing put into operation in the Cherry Gardens residential complex for the period 2019-2021
6. The area of ​​housing under construction in the residential complex Pioneer Quarter
7. Price segments of the housing construction market
8. Characteristics of residential properties in Vishnevoe
9. Characteristics of the main developers in Vishnevoe
10. The layout of the residential complex and the area of ​​​​apartments in Vishnevoe
11. Housing price per m2 in Vyshneve
12. Assessment of the competitive environment in the market according to the method of M. Porter
13. Assessment of the competitive environment in the residential real estate market in Vishnevoe
14. Results of the assessment of the competitive environment in the residential real estate market in Vishnevoe
15. Segmentation of consumers by housing classes and purchase purposes
16. Assessment of satisfaction of residential complex residents
17. The main sections of the developer's website
18. SWOT-analysis of the planned residential complex in the center of Vishnevoe
19. Calculation of the influence of factors on the real estate market in Vishnevoe
20. Ranking of importance weight factors and description of their impact on the market
21. Segmentation of market risks
22. Risk map of the real estate market in Vishnevoe

List of graphs and charts:

1. The number of residential complexes of classes "economy", "comfort", "business", "elite" in Kyiv, Kyiv region
2. Price structure of the housing construction market in Vishnevoe by the number of residential complexes for sale, %
3. Structure of the housing construction market by type, 2020, %
4. Shares of the main operators of the residential real estate market in Vyshneve, %
5. Forecast price per m² in Ukraine according to a realistic scenario, 2021-2031
6. Forecast price per m² in Ukraine according to the optimistic scenario, 2021-2024
7. Forecast price per m² in Ukraine under a pessimistic scenario, 2021-2024
8. Dynamics of the request "buy an apartment Cherry" by months 2021.
9. Search queries for residential complexes of Vishnevoe
10. Age structure of consumers of new buildings, %
11. Class structure of housing in Ukraine, %
12. Buyers in the residential real estate market in new buildings
13. Average prices for new buildings near Kyiv, UAH/m2

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