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Analytical note on the industrial and warehouse stability of Ukraine with an emphasis on the Dnipro metro station. 2023 year

General characteristics
Date of Preparation: June 2023 year
Number of pages: 7, Arial, 1 spacing, 10 pt
Graphs and charts: 1
Tables: 1
Payment method: non-cash or cash payment, prepayment
Production method: e-mail or courier electronically or in printed form
Report language: ukrainian, russian, english
6200 UAH
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Detailed contents:

1. Significant characteristic of the market
1.1. Description of the market
1.2. Injection of war into the market of logistics and warehouse stability
2. Trends in the non-violent market in Ukraine
2.1. Analysis of trends in the development of the logistical stability market (development problems, current trends, how to start victorious at the warehouse stability in Ukraine)
2.2. Trends in the market of industrial non-viability in Ukraine, Dnipro and region
2.3 Proposition of storage stability near metro station Dnipro
3. Global indications of the market, feasibility of the market in 2021-2023. in Ukraine
4. Analysis of posture over the market. Demand for manufacturing, warehouse facilities (based on business acquisitions, new projects)
5. Predictive indicators of the market

List of Tables:

1. Trends in the warehouse real estate market before the start of a full-scale invasion

List of graphs and charts:

1. Total supply of competitive warehouses, degree of damage and future supply by directions, 2022-2023, thousand square meters. m.

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