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Market research report on confectionery market in Ukraine. 2023 year

Market research report on confectionery market in Ukraine. 2023 year
General characteristics
Date of Preparation: January 2023 year
Number of pages: 33, Arial, 1 interval, 10 pt
Graphs and charts: 7
Tables: 13
Payment method: non-cash or cash payment, prepayment
Production method: e-mail or courier electronically or in printed form
Report language: ukrainian, russian, english
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Detailed contents:

1. General characteristics of the studied markets for 2016-2022.
1.1. Market description and delineation of value chains and market influencing factors to assess the risk of trends with regard to changes in 2022. For each group of factors – analysis of the degree of importance for enterprises, the possibility of adaptation of the enterprise to the effect of factors, changes in 2022 and expected changes for further monitoring
1.1.1. Socio-economic factors
1.1.2. Macroeconomic factors of influence
1.1.3. Global influencing factors
1.1.4. Legislative and regulatory environment
1.1.5. Environmental factors of influence
1.1.6. Storage and logistics
1.1.7. Infrastructural factors influencing the market (communication, transport, security)
1.2. Analysis of market development trends (factors affecting the market, problems and prerequisites for development, divided into the periods up to 2021 and from 2022)
1.3. General market indicators, calculation of market capacity in 2016-2022* (production + import – export)
1.4. Segmentation and structuring of markets
1.5. Development of interview questionnaires and focus group scenarios
1.6. Conclusions about the current state of the industry and the role of certain connections in the development of the market for the construction of market maps
2. Analysis of the competitive environment in the market (with a focus on MSMEs)
2.1. Analysis of the representation of operators on the market (the largest major players, the representation of the MSME segment)
2.2. Structuring of operators (by product segments, specialization, sales channels, regionally); the influence of martial law on them
2.3. Analysis of the main problems faced by market operators
2.3.1. Before the start of a full-scale war
2.3.2. After the start of the war
2.4. Analysis of the competitive environment according to the Porter method (which will form the basis of the construction of the map)
3. Foreign trade (subject to availability, general overview)
3.1. The share of imports in the consumption of confectionery products – an analysis of opportunities for domestic manufacturers
3.2. Analysis of the export of confectionery products from Ukraine
Volumes and share in the volume of production according to the market structure (analysis of dependence on exports)
4. Analysis of assortment and pricing in the market
4.1. Construction of assortment maps with analysis of the number of companies involved in production
4.2. Average current prices for products by segment
4.3. Description of factors affecting price formation (international prices, changes in the cost of confectionery production components)
5. Market consumption analysis
5.1. Volumes of consumption of the studied products per capita
Until 2022
Expected decline in 2022
5.2. Factors affecting consumption
6. The influence of associations, unions, participants in supply chains and experts on market development
7. Analysis of product sales channels and their changes in 2022
8.1. Conclusions and forecast trends of market development
8.2. Construction of market development hypotheses. Forecast indicators of market development (three scenarios: basic, optimistic and pessimistic scenario based on a multifactor model based on the state of the market and its components based on point 1.1, survey results)
9. Investment attractiveness of directions (by industry)
9.1. SWOT analysis of market direction
9.2. PEST-analysis of factors affecting the market
10. Construction of a market map (identification of all participants in value-added chains; degree of interrelationship between them, level of risks, etc.)

List of Tables:

1. Confectionery market capacity, thousand tons
2. The structure of confectionery manufacturers in Ukraine, in natural terms, %
3. The main operators of the confectionery market in each segment
4. Structuring of confectionery market operators
5. Assortment of confectionery products
6. Current prices for confectionery in supermarkets
7. Segmentation of confectionery consumers
8. Confectionery sales channels
9. Average evaluation of sales channels of confectionery products produced by MSMEs
10. List of elements indicating research indicators
11. Main sources of monitoring
12. SWOT analysis of the market direction
13. PEST analysis of market influencing factors

List of graphs and charts:

1. Segmentation of the confectionery market in Ukraine, in natural terms, %
2. Segmentation of the confectionery market of Ukraine in 2021 and 2022 by type
3. Confectionery market segmentation by type
4. Dynamics of confectionery imports to Ukraine in 2016-10 months of 2022, thousand tons
5. The share of imports in comparison with exports and production, thousand tons
6. Dynamics of confectionery exports to Ukraine in 2016-10 months of 2022, thousand tons
7. Channels of purchase of MSME products

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