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Market research report on industrial and warehouse real estate in Ukraine and the Dnipro. 2023 year

General characteristics
Date of Preparation: May 2023 year
Number of pages: 35, Arial, 1 interval, 10 pt
Graphs and charts: 1
Tables: 11
Payment method: non-cash or cash payment, prepayment
Production method: e-mail or courier electronically or in printed form
Report language: ukrainian, russian, english
35700 UAH
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Detailed contents:

1. General characteristics of the market
1.1. Description of the market
1.2. Impact of the war on the logistics and warehousing real estate market
1.3. Analysis of trends in the development of the logistics real estate market (factors of influence, development problems, current trends that have begun to be used in warehouse real estate in Ukraine and the world)
1.4. Trends in the industrial real estate market in Ukraine, Dnipro and the region
1.5. Relocation trends that can contribute to the filling of the hub
1.6. European trends that may affect the development of warehouse and industrial real estate in Ukraine in the future (specific examples in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Germany)
1.7. General market indicators, market capacity in 2021-February 2023 in Ukraine
1.7.1. Total area of warehouses and industrial premises (estimate)
1.7.2. New facilities commissioned in 2021-February 2023
1.7.3. Objects under construction, in active or suspended construction, and construction plans for the period 2021-February 2023.
1.7.4. Vacancy rate
2. Key players in the market in Ukraine (developers and operators of logistics and warehousing real estate)
3. Price and pricing in the Ukrainian market
3.1. Dynamics of rental prices (price index)
3.2. Average current rental prices (for conventional and cold warehouses, by class) - upon request from the company
3.3 Description of factors influencing the price formation
3.4. Forecast rental prices for 2023-2028 (in Ukraine, in dollars)
4. Analysis of market consumption. Demand for industrial and warehouse space (based on business expectations of companies, new projects)
5. Forecast market indicators
5.1. Forecast trends in the market in 2023-2028 (warehouse and industrial real estate; general business activity to understand trends in facility utilization)
5.2. Forecast indicators of market development and factors influencing the level of demand (possible change during 2023-2028)
5.3. Forecast indicators of the logistics services market growth in 2023-2033.
6. Supply of warehouse property in the city of Dnipro
9. Use of European technologies in warehouse real estate

List of Tables:

1. Facilities commissioned in 2021-February 2023.
2. Future supply of large warehouse space in 2022-2023.
3. Key market players and their structure
4. Regional representation of the main market players
5. Price dynamics for dry warehouse space in Kyiv in 2021-2022
6. Price dynamics for cold storage facilities in Kyiv in 2021-2022
7. Forecast price development for dry warehousing in Kyiv in 2021-2028 (excluding VAT, OREX and utilities), $/m2
8. Forecast price development for cold warehousing space in Kyiv in 2021-2028 (excluding VAT, utilities and other costs), $/m2
9. Factors influencing the level of demand for warehouse property in the city of Dnipro
10. Available supply of warehouse space for lease
11. Warehouses of major market players

List of graphs and charts:

1. Total supply of competitive warehouses, degree of damage and future supply by areas, 2022-2023, thousand sq m

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