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Global mobile games and dating apps market research report. 2018

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Date of Preparation: March 2018 year
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Summary of the market analysis:

Gaming has become an inevitable part of the digital industry because of the several factors of influence including:

Population growth – since gaming is a mass-market, the increase of the potential customers leads to the increase of the actual customers.

Increase of the games and apps offered in the market. VentureBeat company provided the statistics that every day nearly 500 games are launched on different platforms globally. This report was provided at the beginning of 2016 and stated that there are more than 17 000 PC and consoles games as well as over 800 000 mobile games. According to these calculations, the number of mobile games is expected to exceed 1.16 million by the beginning of 2018.

Quality increase. Because of the big number of different mobile games, the competition is higher than ever and newly launched games are required to be adequate to the growing demand.

Price growth and monetization. The increasing quality requires modern technologies and human resources. The business side of the gaming is stronger than the entertainment side, and therefore the increase of the prices happens. There are two types of games in terms of monetization. First type are the games of the idea, they are not complicated and required less resources than the second group. These games though monetize through advertising. Second group of games are more complicated and there is strong demand for the rapid investment return. Their services usually require more money, and thus there are games with bigger number of paid features. One of the surveys held in 2016 stated that only a few hundred companies gross over $1 million in 2016. 17% of game developers receive no revenue while 15% earn over $1000 per month.


Dating apps have been another important segment in the mobile apps market. It is also developing rapidly because of the two major factors. First – the constantly growing number of single people and the second – growing importance of the internet. Dating websites require profile rating and desire of the users to change their lives, or at least make it better make it better for some time.

The success of the monetization trend requires game developers to spend more on both product and promotion elements of marketing therefore the cost per customer indicators always change.

Since there is over 1 million gaming apps in the market, the competition is strong. There are two stages of competition. Nearly 80% of the revenue in the top 1,000 titles is earned by the top 20 publishers in each region, which means that tens of thousands of developers are fighting for the remaining 20% of revenue, according to Deloitte Global research. Developers and publishers are increasingly turning to licensed intellectual property (IP) in hopes of gaining an advantage in the competition, including precisely games based on the movies and TV-shops.

Detailed contents:

1. Game market overview
1.1. General market overview
1.2. Market penetration effectiveness
1.3. Games market competitive environment
1.4. Mobile gaming apps profitability
1.5. Other based games
2. Consumer analysis and potential of the countries
3. Comparative analysis of successful ICO stories (strong and weak sides)
4. Crypto currency and blockchain regulation worldwide

List of Tables:

1. Breakdown of online dating market by countries, USD million
2. Most popular dating apps in different countries, by number of downloads
3. TOP-20 mobile games developers in 2017
4. TOP-20 mobile dating apps developers in 2017
5. Major acquisitions on the online dating market in 2016-2017
6. Potential customer portrait

List of graphs and charts:

1. Breakdown of the game developers by income in 2016, globally
2. Global gaming market size, 2016-2020 (Forecast), USD Bn
3. Breakdown of the Global Mobile games market by device
4. Breakdown of the Global Mobile games market by region
5. Online dating market revenue
6. Breakdown of online dating market by way of use in 2015-2016
7. Applause dating apps quality index 2016
8. Cost per loyal user rates by platform globally, 2016, USD
9. Costs per loyal user in North America and EMEA, 2016, USD
10. Cost per loyal user rates by gender globally, 2016, USD
11. Cost per loyal user rates by gender globally, 2016, USD
12. Breakdown of mobile games profitability in 2017 by channel
13. Most profitable Android mobile games in the US in January 2018 by daily revenue, million USD
14. Most profitable iOS mobile games in January 2018 by daily revenue, million USD
15. Dating apps users by marital status, global average, 2015-2017
16. Characteristics applied to users of dating websites and apps, 2017 survey
17. U.S. user reasons for using online dating sites or apps 2017
18. Share of adults that are active paying customers of a dating service, 2017
19. Share of adults that use dating services by age, 2015

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