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Business plan of pork farm for 1 250 animals uterine herd, productivity 30 000 animals per year

General characteristics
Date of Preparation: November 2017 year
Number of pages: 121 pages, including 39 tables, 23 figures (document prepared in Russian)
Payment method: cashless / cash, 100% prepayment
Production method: digital Word + financial model in Excel
20999 UAH
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The concept of the project:

Today, one of the most promising sectors of agriculture in Ukraine - the production of pork. High-tech equipment and new feeding scheme, which are used in modern pig breeding complexes, produce products that meet international quality standards.
The business plan involves the creation and organization of the pig farm, the performance of which will be 30 thousand. 
The main direction of product sales - sales of live weight meat processing plant.
To create a pig farm project provides for the use of high-tech equipment from German manufacturers. To do this, have been described stages of the project, and takkzhe defined and described scheme of pork production. Work pig farm will be organized with the use of a three-phase technology for pigs (technology, in which the animals during the suckling period, the period of rearing and fattening period are separated by spaces). Also, given the number of livestock (1,250 sows) and installed capacity of 30 000 thousand heads of the company will be used in-line production, the characteristic of which is given in the project.
In this business plan detailing all the necessary components of the project, including: a description bailouts and their direction, characteristic of the production process, equipment, buildings and accommodation conditions pig farm. For the most successful organization of the company in the project describes the technology of growing pigs fed diets and forage base. Also, the project includes a list of permits and staffing.
The financial part of the business plan contains economic and financial feasibility studies, estimates of project efficiency, profitability and attractiveness. Also during the development of the project have been described various scenarios of business development.


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