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The business plan of opening a network of pawnshops

General characteristics
Date of Preparation: January 2015 year
Number of pages: 76 pages, including 19 applications, 25 tables, 16 figures (document prepared in Russian)
Payment method: cashless / cash, 100% prepayment
Production method: digital Word + financial model in Excel
17999 UAH
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The concept of the project:

The business plan of opening a network of pawnshops

The project involves the organization of the network of pawnshops. The territorial distribution is the city in Ukraine. The initiator of the project will be able to adapt it, independently determine the number of compartments, make a list of products, to identify the credit rate and determine the geographical location of the network.

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The particular market sector was analyzed in the business plan development process. In particular, it identifies the key trends in the non-bank lending market in the last 4 years, are the cities with the highest number of pawn shops, as well as a scheme for lending with the kinds of goods (machinery, precious metals, real estate, cars). Four largest pawn chain in Ukraine were also analyzed. 
This business plan involves a description of the equipment and its cost, a list of possible suppliers, the transfer costs for furniture and equipment that will need to operate pawnshops, recommendations regarding the choice of software, the list of chemicals to assess the collateral in the form of precious metals and stones. The project involves the opening of a network of 5 branches of pawnshops. In order to increase brand awareness and create the necessary level of loyalty among customers all the pawn shops network will be united by a single corporate identity
The business plan is a plot of financial investments based on the number of own and borrowed funds. In the case of the use of credit the drawn schedule return of finance and the debt service ratio is calculated.




2.1. Goals and objectives of the Project  
2.2. Parameters of the pawnshop business in the organization  
2.3. Funding source project. The target area of ​​investments in the organization of the pawnshop  
2.4. Network Diagram of the organization and financing of the Project pawnbroker  
3.1. Location pawnshop Project  
3.2. Description of manufacturing process and characterization services pawnshop  
3.3. Characteristics of the necessary equipment to operate a pawnshop  
3.4. Human Resources Policy of Project  
3.5.Legal regulation of pawnshops in Ukraine  
4.1. The history of the market pawnshops in Ukraine  
4.2. Overview of pawnshops in Ukraine  
4.3. Analysis of the main market operators of pawnshops in Ukraine  
5.1. Prerequisites for the calculations and reasoning in the organization of the pawnshop  
5.2. The sales forecast for the Project  
5.3. Generation of profits for the Project  
5.4. Forecast cash flow for the Project  
5.5. Justification structuring of credit (the grace period, repayment schedule)  
5.6. Justification of service credit. Debt service ratio  
5.7. The breakeven point for the work of the pawnshop  
5.8. Indicators of investment attractiveness of the organization of the pawn shop  
5.9. Sensitivity analysis of the Project  
6.1. Risk factor analysis of the organization of the pawn shop  
6.2. Strategy for reducing the risks at work pawnbroker  
6.3. SWOT-analysis of the pawn shop  


Appendix 1. Aggregates for Project

Appendix 2. Project Settings  
Appendix 3. Sources of financing and the total cost of the Project  
Appendix 4. Network Diagram of the Project  
Appendix 5. The necessary equipment and furniture  
Appendix 6. Redemption and payment of interest on loan  
Appendix 7. Chart loan servicing  
Appendix 8. Calculation of depreciation on the Project  
Appendix 9. Staffing the Project  
Appendix 10. Structure of sales of collateral  
Appendix 11. Sales forecast plan  
Appendix 12. Projected profit and loss statement for the Project  
Appendix 13. The calculation of the debt service  
Appendix 14. Projected statement of cash flows  
Appendix 15. The scheme operating costs for the Project  
Appendix 16. Profitability Analysis Project    
Appendix 17. Calculation of break-even point (and separately for each year of the project)   
Appendix 18. The calculation of the internal rate of return and performance measures for the project's net present value of the project, discounted payback period, profitability of investments, its profitability  
Appendix 19. Evaluation scenarios for the Project


List of Tables:

Table 1. Project Summary

Table 2. General Settings on the Project  
Table 3. Parameters of the pawn shop  
Table 4. Taxation Project  
Table 5. Targets for investment  
Table 6. Financial schedule of the project  
Table 7. Purchase price of precious metals in products and scrap in the population  
Table 8. Specifications of weights ViBRA AJH-220SE  
Table 9. Staffing the Project  
Table 10. Market leader network of pawnshops "Skarbnytsya"  
Table 11. Chain of pawnshops "Capital"  
Table 12. Chain of pawnshops "Blessing"  
Table 13. Network pawnshops "Locker"  
Table 14. Depreciation on all fixed assets  
Table 15. Sales Structure Project  
Table 16. Formation profit Project  
Table 17. Profit and Loss Statement for the Project  
Table 18. Profitability Project  
Table 19. Operating expenses for the project  
Table 20. Schedule of loan sampling and repayment  
Table 21. Break-even volume of business of the Project 1 - 4 years  
Table 22. Performance Indicators  
Table 23. The sensitivity of the project to change capital gains  
Table 24. The sensitivity of the project to change investment  
Table 25. SWOT-analysis Project


List of graphs and charts:

Figure 1. The structure of investments

Figure 2. Implementation Schedule and financing of the Project  
Figure 3. Map of Ukraine, which separates the region of potentially promising for opening a chain of pawnshops  
Figure 4. Organizational Project  
Figure 5. The market volume of pawnshops in Ukraine in 2009 - 2012, ths., bln.  
Figure 6. Market Structure pawnshops, depending on the type of the pledged goods in the first six months of 2012  
Figure 7. The market structure of pawnshops in the context of territorial distribution  
Figure 8. The volume of loans granted by the Lombards in 2009 - 2012, ths., bln.  
Figure 9. Formation profit Project  
Figure 10. Size of gross revenues and gross profit margin for the Project  
Figure 11. The net profit and return on sales for the Project  
Figure 12. Chart loan servicing  
Figure 13. The internal rate of return  
Figure 14. The discounted payback period  
Figure 15. Correlation of NPV and price change  
Figure 16. Correlation of NPV and changes in the volume of sales


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