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Business idea for a small business in Ukraine. Open the bike shop

General characteristics
Date of Preparation: June 2012 year
Number of pages: 2 pages, including 13 applications, 11 tables, 3 figures (document prepared in Ukrainian)
Payment method: cashless / cash, 100% prepayment      
Production method: digital in Word + financial model in Excel     
14999 UAH
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The concept of the project:

World fashion trends, focus on active and healthy lifestyle, the population growth of the middle class and the number of bicycles in the big cities - these factors have caused an increase in bicycle market in Ukraine. 


Business plan provides for the opening store specializing in meeting consumer demand for bicycles and other products for active holidays. To simplify the implementation of the project was formed list of permits, the characteristic of the necessary equipment, designed staffing. An important component of the business plan - is the financial evaluation of the project, which calculated the profitability and attractiveness of the business ideas for investment, as well as, preliminary reports on planned and potential revenue loss, statement of finances.     


The financial performance of the project is confirmed by the calculations of the various indicators. These include: 2 years - the settlement period; 356,701 USD. - The total value, 1.65 years - the payback period, 37% - IRR, 1.29 - profitability of investments, 158% - Return on investment,% 17.3 - Return on sales.     


Implementation of this business idea will allow the entrepreneur to gain a foothold in a particular niche in the market of the industry, and to get to this realization of the economic benefits and positive social impact. Having a social effect is due to the fact that the opening of the new store will give people jobs and apply additional revenues for the state budget in the form of taxes and other payments.  




2.1. Project description  
2.1.1. The concept of the Project and description of the business idea  
2.1.2. Location of the Project, the circuit area  
2.1.3. The manufacturing process of the Project. Equipment and assets  
2.1.4. Staffng
2.1.5. Licensing documentation  
2.2.1. Options of the Project  
2.2.2. Initial data for the calculations and their reasoning  
2.2.3. Sources of financing for the Project. Targeted investment direction and schedule of investments
2.2.4. The sales plan  
2.2.5. Income and expenses  
2.2.6. Statement of Cash Flows  
2.2.7. Break-even point  
2.2.8. Indicators of investment attractiveness and profitability of the Project  
2.3. SWOT - analysis  


Appendix 1. Aggregates for Project

Appendix 2. Project Settings
Appendix 3. Sources of funding and implementation schedule of the Project
Appendix 4. The cost of equipment for the Project
Appendix 5. Calculation of depreciation for the Project
Appendix 6. Staffing for the Project
Appendix 7. The product range
Appendix 8. Projected sales plan
Appendix 9. Projected profit and loss statement for the Project
Appendix 10. Projected statement of cash flows
Appendix 11. Calculation of break-even point
Appendix 12. Calculation of investment attractiveness and profitability of the Project

List of Tables:

Table 1. Staffing for the Project

Table 2. Settings of shop work 
Table 3. Taxation for the Project  
Table 4. The product range  
Table 5. Destinations and timetable invest money  
Table 6. The sales plan for the Project  
Table 7. Projected profit and payments for Projects  
Table 8. Statement of Cash Flows for the Project  
Table 9. Break-even sales volume for the Project  
Table 10. Stock of financial strength of the Project, 1-2 years  
Table 11. Performance Indicators and investment attractiveness of the Project

List of graphs and charts:

Figure 1. The structure of investment money

Figure 2. The internal rate of return  
Figure 3. The discounted payback period

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