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Business plan flower shop

General characteristics
Date of Preparation: April 2019 year
Number of pages: 50 pages, including 21 tables, 21 figures (document prepared in Russian)
Payment method: cashless / cash, 100% prepayment      
Production method: digital in Word + financial model in Excel     
19999 UAH
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The concept of the project:

Ukrainian flower market is characterized by stable consumer demand for fresh flowers and plants. Although, as the profitability of this business depends on the citizens material status, it is also characterized by flexibility. Market analysis of the industry suggests unsaturation of the market and the lack of competition among manufacturers of flower production.  


Volume of the flower market in Ukraine up to $ 150 million, - tenth of this amount accounted for Kiev flower market. The growth of this sector of the market - 15-20% per year. The purpose of the project - is to open a flower shop in order to meet consumer demand for these products and making a profit from this activity. The location of the store is one of the largest Ukrainian cities.  


Shop is located in a place with a large pedestrian cross. This will be the key to the inflow of regular customers, and will start a successful business development. Create a high level of performance and to provide products and services of high quality will allow the formation of structure of qualified personnel, and the signing of contracts with importers and suppliers of high quality floral products.  


The project is a description of the equipment, list of permits, staffing. For the implementation of the financial evaluation of the project were calculated profitability and investment attractiveness, preliminary reports profits, losses and driving financial investments in the project.  


Also give a description of the project with the help of the calculation of financial ratios: the billing period (3 years) the total cost (122,864 USD)., profitability of investments (2.6) discounted payback period (1.24 years), internal rate of return (82.9%), Return on Investment (261%) and sales (12.2%) .  


Along with the economic effect of the project will be more noticeable and social - store opening contributes to the creation of new jobs and initiates revenue by the single tax, value added tax and payroll accruals.


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