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Market research report on pipes and electrical appliances in Ukraine. 2023 year

General characteristics
Date of Preparation: December 2023 year
Number of pages: 33, Arial, 1 interval, 10 skittles
Graphs and charts: 9
Tables: 10
Payment method: non-cash or cash payment, prepayment
Production method: e-mail or courier electronically or in printed form
Report language: ukrainian, russian, english
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Detailed contents:

1. The introductory part. Description of the researcher, products and methodologies
2. General characteristics of markets
2.1. Trends that influenced the development of the market (factors of influence and their manifestation, problems and preconditions of development
2.2. The volume of product supply to the Ukrainian market for April-August 2023
2.3. Segmentation and structuring of markets (by types, origin
3. Main suppliers (manufacturers and importers) and their description (general information, types of activities and specialization; product groups, trademarks and assortment; prices; regional representation, volumes of supply)
4. Production of products in April-August 2023.
4.1. Dynamics of production in quantitative indicators
4.2. Dynamics of production in value indicators
5. Foreign trade in markets
5.1. Export of the studied products from Ukraine in April-August 2023 (volumes by types)
5.2. Import of the studied products to Ukraine in April-August 2023 (volumes, structure, geography, shares of importers)
6. Price and pricing in markets for each product
6.1. Monthly dynamics of product prices (with a breakdown by regions of Ukraine)
6.2. Description of factors affecting price formation, structure
6.3. Price forecast until the end of 2023.
7. Market consumption analysis
7.1. State of development of construction (infrastructural construction, residential and commercial construction)
7.2. Status and news of the main consumers in the markets
7.3. Presence of unsatisfied demand in the markets
8. Conclusions. Predictive indicators of markets
8.1. Conclusions and forecast trends of market development
8.2. Development of market development hypotheses. Forecast indicators of market development until the end of 2023.

List of Tables:

1. Volumes of product supply to the market in Ukraine, in monetary terms
2. Description of the main suppliers in the market of pipes and electrical appliances in the market of Ukraine
3. Prices for the studied products of the companies for September-October 2023, UAH, with VAT
4. Production of products in Ukraine, in natural indicators
5. Production of products in Ukraine in 2023, in monetary terms
6. Export volumes of the studied groups by types, in monetary terms
7. Volumes of imports of the studied groups by types, in monetary terms
8. Monthly dynamics of average prices for products with VAT, UAH.
9. Cost of logistics services between different regions of Ukraine, UAH with VAT
10. Forecast of average prices for September-December 2023 with VAT, UAH.

List of graphs and charts:

1. Segmentation of products in Ukraine by origin, in monetary terms
2. Segmentation of products in Ukraine by types
3. Geography of product import
4. Main importers of products
5. The structure of the value of imported products on the market, %
6. The structure of the cost of production of products on the Ukrainian market, %
7. Total area of residential buildings put into operation, thousand m2
8. Total area of non-residential buildings put into operation, thousand m2
9. Forecast indicators of the pipe and electrical equipment markets until the end of 2023, UAH million

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