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Analytical note on the car sharing market in Ukraine. 2020 – 6 months 2023 year

General characteristics
Date of Preparation: October 2023 year
Number of pages: 8, Arial, 1 interval, 10 pins
Graphs and charts: 1
Tables: 1
Payment method: non-cash or cash payment, prepayment
Production method: e-mail or courier electronically or in printed form
Report language: ukrainian, russian, english
7500 UAH
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Detailed contents:

1. General characteristics of the market
2. Trends in P2P transfers
3. Analysis of consumption over the market
4. Conclusions. Predictive market indicators

List of Tables:

1. Benefits of car sharing for users, businesses and the city

List of graphs and charts:

1. Revenue on the global car sharing market in 2020-2023, $ billion

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