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Business idea for a small business in Ukraine. Open the wedding salon

General characteristics
Date of Preparation: June 2012 year
Number of pages: 7 pages, including 12 applications, 13 tables, 3 figures (document prepared in Russian)
Payment method: cashless / cash, 100% prepayment      
Production method: digital in Word + financial model in Excel     
14999 UAH
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The concept of the project:

In Ukraine, there is a tradition to arrange lush wedding, due to the peculiarities of mentality of our citizens. Also in the subconscious of Ukrainians it is formed a certain image of the bride, the important part is - the wedding dress and accessories to it. All of this contributes to the fact that at the Ukrainian market of wedding fashion trend of stable development. Therefore, the establishment of the enterprise provides services and products in this area can be considered cost-effective.     


Business plan involves opening of the wedding salon specialized in the sale of wedding clothes, shoes, and other attributes of the highest quality in the mid-price segment.  Also, consumers will be given the opportunity to order the correct model.     


The project includes the list of the furniture and equipment,  recommendations on the choice of location and the interior space, and the list of suppliers and manufacturers. Business plan also provides information on the organization of the enterprise, HR policy, list of necessary permitions. The financial part of the business plan contains indicators confirming the profitability and attractiveness of the project to investors, as well as forward-looking statements about sales, profits, losses and flow of finance in the framework of this business idea.     


In addition, the realization will have a social effect, as the new jobs and additional funds will be created (flat tax, duties, social contributions on wages).  




2.1.1. The concept of the project and a description of the business idea
2.1.2. Location of the Project, the circuit area
2.1.3. The manufacturing process of the project. Equipment and assets
2.1.4. Personnel
2.1.5. Licensing documentation
2.2.1. Options of the Project
2.2.2. Initial data for the calculations and their reasoning
2.2.3. Sources of financing of the Project. Targeted investment direction and schedule of investments
2.2.4. The sales plan
2.2.5. Income and expenses
2.2.6. Statement of Cash Flows
2.2.7. Break-even point
2.2.8. Indicators of investment attractiveness and profitability of the Project
2.3. SWOT - analysis


Appendix 1. Summary indicators of Project

Appendix 2. Project Settings
Appendix 3. Sources of funding and implementation schedule of the Project
Appendix 4. The cost of equipment for the Project
Appendix 5. Calculation of depreciation for the Project
Appendix 6. Staffing for the Project
Appendix 7. Calculation of sales cost
Appendix 8. Projected sales plan
Appendix 9. Projected profit and loss statement for the Project
Appendix 10. Projected statement of cash flows
Appendix 11. Calculation of break-even point
Appendix 12. Calculation of investment attractiveness and profitability of the Project

List of Tables:

Table 1. Staffing

Table 2. General Settings of the Project
Table 3. Parameters of shop work
Table 4. Taxation for the Project
Table 5. Cost calculation of work shop per customer
Table 6. Directions and schedule of investment funds
Table 7. The sales plan for the Project
Table 8. Projected profit and payments for the Project
Table 9. Statement of Cash Flows for the Project
Table 10. Break-even sales volume for the Project, 1-3 years
Table 11. The minimum cost of services for the project to work at breakeven, 1-3 years
Table 12. Financial strength of the Project
Table 13. Performance indicators of investment attractiveness of the Project

List of graphs and charts:

Figure 1. The structure of investment funds

Figure 2. The internal rate of return
Figure 3. The discounted payback period

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